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Yes, Your Grace: All Possible Endings Guide

Yes, Your Grace All Possible Endings Guide

In Yes, Your Grace, players will make a lot of choices that will determine how every one of their family members will end up. Unfortunately, if you don’t properly take care of things, most of the characters can actually end up dead. This can happen either due to intentional choices or mistakes made throughout the game. Luckily, in this guide, we will list all the possible endings in Yes, Your Grace, which you can get after the final siege. We won’t talk about sudden bad ends, where the game suddenly stops and you don’t actually reach the real endings. Here are all the endings in Yes, Your Grace, along with how to get the best ending, Family Matters, and the worst ending, the Mad King.

All Endings in Yes, Your Grace

There are many endings in Yes, Your Grace and most of them are based on the resolution you get for each major character. Though you could get the best possible ending for Eryk, many other characters can be dead or unhappy.

We will first go through all the endings you can get for all the characters and then we will tell you which combination of endings will get you the best ending, which gets you the Family Matters achievement, and how to get the worst ending, the Mad King hidden achievement.

Ivo Endings

The main villain of the story is the first one we will actually see before the end credits roll. You have to make a choice after the siege and that moment will influence what ending Ivo gets:

  • You behead Ivo.
  • You imprison Ivo.

Either way, what you do depends more on your personal satisfaction, as there aren’t any real repercussions from the choice. From the sounds of the endings, it seems like conflict with Atana is inevitable, but killing Ivo brings more stability to Davern.

Beyran Endings

Beyran, the leader of the Radovians, will face a similar situation to the one Ivo faced, as you are the one that directly decides his ending with one single choice, in Week 40:

  • You spare Beyran.
  • You execute Beyran.

The choice is mostly based on which ally you wanted for the final battle, and that, in turn, will just give you different equipment to use at the siege. Sparing Beyran will make Davern a safe haven for Radovians, while ending him will make your lands hostile to their people.

Asalia Endings

Asalia has three endings in Yes, Your Grace and each one of them will end up with her leaving her family:

  • Asalia marries King Varid.
  • You let Asalia run away with Maya.
  • You don’t let Asalia run away with Maya, but she does it anyway.

The ending where you force Asalia to marry King Varid is the worst one, as she will forever be unhappy. However, you do get an easy win at the end, so that might make it worth it for some players.

Otherwise, in Week 47, Asalia will tell you that she loves Maya and that she wants to leave the castle with her. No matter what you say, she will leave. If you don’t allow her to leave, she just won’t send you letters.

Cedani Endings

Cedani only has two endings in Yes, Your Grace, as most of the characters on this list, and you probably don’t want to get her bad one:

  • Cedani dies in the siege.
  • Cedani survives the siege.

There are two things you can do to keep Cedani safe in the siege: either keep the Bear or send the Hunter to her when the hounds get inside the castle. If you don’t do one of these two things, Cedani will die.

Audry Endings

During the Royal Trial, you will have to either sentence one of your vassals as the perpetrator who assassinated King Talys or say that no one did it:

  • Choose one of the vassals in the Royal Trial and Audry survives to the end.
  • Choose no one and Audry sacrifices himself to save you from Ivo.

Aurelea Endings

Queen Aurela, your wife in Yes, Your Grace, has the second-largest number of endings in the game. First, there will be an ending regarding her personal conclusion:

  • Aurelea is alive.
  • Aurelea died in the Ritual.

Aurelea can only die in the Ritual, and the first screen with her ending will just tell you if she is alive, supporting Eryk, or if Davern now outlaws Witchcraft due to the Ritual.

After you pass this ending screen, you will face another ending relating to Aurelea, which will tell you what happened with your possible heir:

  • You made one or two mistakes during the Ritual, which results in Aurelea giving birth to a boy but dying in the process.
  • You completely botched the Ritual and both the boy and Aurelea died.
  • You stopped the Ritual due to the risks that appeared due to your mistakes and Aurelea ended up giving birth to another girl.
  • You didn’t do the ritual and Aurelea gave birth to another girl.

Eryk Endings

When it comes to our great king Eryk, there will be three things that will matter. One of them will be if you have a male heir or not. Otherwise, your gold and contentment stats are the other things that will change your final endings in Yes, Your Grace:

  • Davern thrives and you have an heir.
  • Davern is turbulent since you didn’t have a male heir.
  • The banks control Davern.
  • The people start a revolution.
  • Both the banks and the people go against the king.

The last three endings will trigger if you had really low gold at the end, really low contentment, or both.

How to Get the Best Ending in Yes, Your Grace

The best ending in Yes, Your Grace is the one where Asalia leaves the castle with your consent, Cedani and Aurelea are alive, and you have a male heir. This means that you just have to successfully complete the Ritual and let Cedani keep her bear.

As long as you properly take care of your gold and contentment, you should get the prosperity ending for Eryk as well, which is the best thing you could wish for, also getting the Family Matters achievement for keeping Cedani and Aurelea alive.

How to Get the Secret Bad Ending in Yes, Your Grace

The worst ending in Yes, Your Grace is the one where you also get the secret achievement, Mad King. To get this achievement, you have to get every character possible killed. You have to personally kill the deserter, Lord Jovan, Beyran, and the Radovian survivors.

You must also let Aurelea die and marry Asalia to King Varid. This will guarantee that you get the Mad King achievement and probably the worst possible ending in the game.

To make it even worse, you can let Cedani and Audry die and also destroy your country due to debt and discontent.

And that is all you need to know about all the possible endings in Yes, Your Grace. Check out other interesting Yes, Your Grace guides and articles:

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