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Are you someone that plays a lot of new games as they come out, always need something new to satiate your boredom, and would like to also make money while doing this? Do you have a passion for video games and a knack for crafting engaging content? We’re searching for talented writers to join our vibrant community at Raider King and share their expertise with the world.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for someone to write guides, news, reviews, and listicles about new video games (how to’s, walkthroughs, etc.). Many gamers only play one or two games and have thousands of hours in them. However, we are looking for those people that are always playing something new and that they can write about to help other people get past hard bosses, puzzles, and other challenges, while also keeping up with the latest updates in the community. When we hire writers to produce content on Raider King, we want them to make clear, well-written content. If it’s a guide, the subject or issue should be covered so that the reader fully understands how to fix their problem or what steps they need to take to achieve something, with in-game screenshots taken by the writer. For news or lists, we want the writer to present the topic and its content in a clear, structured way that the reader understands and enjoys. The best way to get an idea of the types of posts we want on our site is to look at the ones we’ve published thus far.

What you get

Being a writer for Raider King is a paid position and your name will appear under each article written by you. For guides, reviews, and lists, you’re paid for the number of words that you write. For news, you’re paid per article. When you’re a writer for our site, you’re a freelancer, which means that we don’t provide any social benefits, pension, etc. We pay you the full amount for your work, and you are then responsible for any taxes that may apply to you given your country of residence.

How we work with writers

All writers will have to work directly on WordPress to publish their articles. All of the available topics for guides, news, and lists will appear on Trello, where each writer can choose something they wish to write and they will need to finish it in less than 48 hours. Most of the communication between the staff and the freelancers will be done through Discord, but this can be discussed from case to case. Payments for the written content is sent weekly, on Mondays.

Pay rate

Our starting rate for freelance writers is $0.01 per word ($1 per 100 words) and $3 per news article. Your rate can be increased based on the results of your content or if your quality is exceptionally high. Writers with unique skills or much-needed knowledge may be offered a higher starting rate.

We check all content by writers for plagiarism and AI tools, and reserve the right not to pay a writer who violates this guideline.


When you write for us, we pay you to produce content for us, which means that upon you being paid for the job, we obtain the exclusive rights to the content that you have produced. This means we can use it for any purpose and that you cannot publish or sell that content elsewhere. We put each writer we continue to work with after the initial test as the author of the content they’ve produced. We do, however, reserve the right to publish it under another name if we deem it necessary to do so. We can do this as we are the copyright owner.


There is no exclusivity required when you work for us. You can write for as many other publications as you want while you work for us, even other gaming sites. You just can’t sell the same content to us and other sites because of copyright issues.

Apply to be a writer

Want to apply to be a writer for Raider King? Please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

Before you apply, please take the time to read the information regarding being a writer on our site above.

Game guides, news, listicles, etc.
If any of the games you list here didn’t release in the last 2 months, we’ll instantly reject your application.
If any of the games you list here already released, we’ll instantly reject your application.

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We strive to answer all applications within 5 business days, but we cannot always guarantee this depending on the number of applications we receive.