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Yes, Your Grace: I’m an… entrepreneur! Achievement Guide

Yes, Your Grace I'm an... entrepreneur Achievement Guide

Yes, Your Grace will usually make the player deal with problems ranging from kingdom-destroying wars to financing taverns. Though the war seems to be inevitable, the fate of the tavern is only dependent on the choices the king makes throughout the weeks. As you get to meet this innkeeper every couple of weeks, you will need to decide how to help him out and become a true king entrepreneur. In this guide we will show you what decisions to make each time you meet the tavern owner and how to get the “I’m an… entrepreneur!” achievement in Yes, Your Grace.

How to Get the “I’m an… entrepreneur!” Achievement in Yes, Your Grace

The petitioner will come to meet the King in Week 3, where he will ask for a 12 gold investment into his potential tavern in Branca. He promises that he will share the profits with the kingdom.

The right choice here is “This sounds good (12G)”, or the “Come back another time” if it is too expensive at the moment.

The tavern owner should come back 2 Weeks later, telling the king that the investment has borne fruit and that he should now start giving the kingdom 1 gold every week. The right choice now is “You must be joking!

Now, two choices will appear, where the player will have to choose between asking for 3 or 4 gold a week. The best answer in this scenario is 3 pieces of gold, since the tavern will go bankrupt otherwise.

In Week 14, the tavern owner will come back with some interesting news. The tavern is full of panders, as the whole establishment has basically turned into a brothel. The king will now have to decide whether to kick the panders out or tell the owner to be happy with the extra money.

The right choice here is “You should be happy with the extra money”, and then to give him 28 gold to hire guards. If it’s out of the budget, ask him to come back later in two weeks.

Two weeks later the tavern owner should come back, telling you that the guards are doing a great job and the establishment is doing better than ever. The kingdom will now get 4 gold every week from the tavern and the players should receive the I’m an… entrepreneur! achievement.

And that is all you need to know about the I’m an… entrepreneur! achievement in Yes, Your Grace. Check out other interesting Yes, Your Grace guides and articles:

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