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Yes, Your Grace: Who to Sentence at the Royal Trial

Yes, Your Grace Who to Sentence at the Royal Trial

In the intriguing realm of monarchy and power struggles, the Royal Trial in Yes, Your Grace presents a pivotal moment of decision-making for players. In this article, we delve into the complex choices and moral dilemmas faced during the trial, where rulers must pass judgment on their subjects. Deliberate over the fate of characters, weigh the consequences of your decisions, and navigate the intricate web of political intrigue. With lives hanging in the balance, the Royal Trial serves as a test of leadership, empathy, and the burdens that come with the crown. Brace yourself for tough choices and immerse yourself in this captivating experience. Here is who you should sentence at the Royal Trial in Yes, Your Grace.

How to Get All the Evidence for the Royal Trial in Yes, Your Grace

There are three pieces of evidence you can find before the Royal Trial in Yes, Your Grace:

  • The Tooth
  • The Letter
  • The Phial

All players will probably get the Tooth, as you just need to head to the Dungeons after questioning the witnesses and talk to the guard there. There are two things you will need to do later to get all the evidence relating to the Tooth:

  • Ask Lady Lena about it.
  • Send the Hunter to research it the week you get him (Week 27).

You can find the hidden Letter in the crack in the Gardens. You can open the crack using some Needles from your Bed Chamber that you can pick up. Here is what you need to do afterward to get all the clues relating to the Letter in Yes, Your Grace:

  • Ask Grego about it.
  • Send the General to research it (you can find him at the Castle Wall if you haven’t sent him on a mission).

The third and final piece of evidence is only available on Week 17. You will receive a letter which will reveal a new location on the map, the Hidden Hut. Just send the Witch you just got there and you will get the Phial the next week. Here is how to get the rest of the evidence:

  • Ask Lurs about it.
  • Send the Witch to research it.

Once you do all this, you will get the “I’m a King and a detective!” achievement, which will show everyone how good you are at gathering evidence.

Who to Sentence as Guilty at the Royal Trial in Yes, Your Grace

Now that you have all the evidence ready for the Royal Trial in Yes, Your Grace, you will have to choose who to sentence as guilty between Etton, Noaksey, and Lady Lena.

All of them have pretty strong evidence that pins them as guilty, but the answer isn’t so simple. You also have the choice to say that you don’t think any one of them did it. If you do this and insist, Audry will take the blame and you will have to execute him.

Major spoilers here, but none of the three suspects are King Talys’ killer, so your choice here won’t change the ending. This means that, at the Royal Trial in Yes, Your Grace, you can either sentence one of your allies or let Audry sacrifice himself for your sake.

The best choice from all points of view would be to sentence no one at the Royal Trial in Yes, Your Grace, and let Audry sacrifice himself. Since both Etton and Noaskey can still be your allies after the fight, they would be very useful alive, rather than dead.

If you also really wanted to get rid of someone, Lady Lena would be a decent choice, as her son will die after the battle anyway and you will lose her as an ally.

And that is all you need to know about who to sentence at the Royal Trial in Yes, Your Grace. Check out other interesting Yes, Your Grace guides and articles:

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