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Yes, Your Grace: How to Complete the Ritual Successfully

Yes, Your Grace How to Complete the Ritual Successfully

Prepare to navigate the intricacies of the mysterious dark Ritual in this captivating Yes, Your Grace guide. In this article, we offer expert insights and step-by-step instructions to ensure the successful completion of the Ritual. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking to uncover hidden secrets or a novice ruler looking to make your mark, our comprehensive walkthrough equips you with the knowledge and strategies to get that male heir you always wanted. Unravel the enigmas, overcome challenges, and make crucial decisions as you embark on this immersive quest. Get ready to secure a victorious outcome and forge a legacy in this unforgettable adventure. Here is how to get all of the ingredients for the Ritual and how to flawlessly complete it in Yes, Your Grace.

How to Get All the Ingredients for the Ritual in Yes, Your Grace

You will need to gather 6 ingredients for the dark Ritual in Yes, Your Grace to birth a son:

  • Bright Blue Mushrooms
  • The Herb of Grace / Rue
  • 2x Betony Oils
  • Mugwort Oil
  • 2x Basilisk Eggs
  • Spell Book

You can find Bright Blue Mushrooms in the Dungeon. Just approach them and pick one of them up.

For the Herb of Grace / Rue, you will need to send your agents to visit the Rue Locations that have appeared on the map. Usually, the southwestern one is always good and will get you what you need. If not, just continue sending your agents until you get it.

For the 2x Betony Oils, Mugwort Oil, and 2x Basilisk Eggs you will have to wait for Traveling Merchants to visit your court and buy them from them. Each item will be worth 5 gold, so this means you need a total of 25 gold to get all of the ingredients.

The Merchant offering the 2x Betony Oils and Mugwort Oil will come on Week 43. Make sure you look through his selection of goods and get the Betony Oil twice. The Merchant with the Basilisk Eggs will appear in Week 46.

You can get the final piece of the puzzle, the Spell Book, by going into the Council Chamber and interacting with the second bookshelf. Do this before the bear destroys the room.

How to Flawlessly Complete the Ritual in Yes, Your Grace (Master of Dark Magic Achievement)

The Ritual to birth your son in Yes, Your Grace will start once you finish Week 49 and it will have three parts. In each part you will have to do everything right, otherwise, you risk not only losing your son but your wife as well, which will get you very close to the worst ending in the game.

In the first part, you will have to stand next to the Queen and recite some special lines from the Spell Book. Here is what you have to say to complete the first part of the Ritual successfully (be careful, as the choices here are timed):

  1. We beg for forgiveness for calling upon you.
  2. We ask you to give us what we desire.
  3. Let the mountain break…

The next part is the hardest one, as most players don’t pay enough attention and tend to fail here. There are three blue containers, one on the left, one in the center, and one on the right. Here is what you need to put in them, make sure to do it in this exact order, otherwise the Ritual will fail:

  1. Betony Oil in the Center Pot.
  2. Betony Oil in the Center Pot.
  3. Mugwort Oil in the Right Pot.
  4. Basilisk Egg in the Left Pot.
  5. Basilisk Egg in the Right Pot.

The final part is the easiest one, but it can be a bit stressful. Here, you will just have to repeat exactly what the witch says. Here are the right choices, be careful, since they are timed:

  1. Nerg va, futaos ferre!
  2. For ive as tuo me!
  3. Ring de chiole das er see!

After you finish this part, your son will be born, you can give him a name, and then you will also see Queen Aurelea wake up. You will get the Master of Dark Magic achievement and prepare to start the siege.

And that is all you need to know about how to complete the Ritual in Yes, Your Grace. Check out other interesting Yes, Your Grace guides and articles:

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