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Wartales: Classes Guide – Best Classes Tier List

Wartales Classes Guide - Best Classes Tier List

Most RPGs have a set amount of classes that we have come to know and love. When it comes to this, Wartales doesn’t stray too far from the classic RPGs, as it just changes the name of some of the classes we have gotten used to. Instead of berserkers or rogues, Wartales has brutes and rangers. After playing for a bit, you will realize that all the classes are very good if you learn how to use them. This is why, in this guide, we will explain how all the classes in Wartales work, which ones you should prioritize getting, and which ones are the best, using a tier list.

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All Classes in Wartales Explained

There are only 6 classes that exist at the start of Wartales and that you find when you try to recruit new companions:

  • Archer
  • Brute
  • Ranger
  • Spearman
  • Swordsman
  • Warrior

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The Archer is the only ranged troop that you will get in your party in Wartales. The Archer does not deal incredible damage and it works more as a support companion.

You will find this class extremely useful at the start of the game, but it will become more and more irrelevant in the late game. Still, players should get some Archers in their mercenary band if they want to get some easy damage before engagement.


The Brute uses blunt weapons to destroy multiple enemies at once. It seems that the class is made for hitting more than one enemy per attack and it is mainly useful on offense.

If you put some good heavy armor on your Brute, you can also use it as a tank, since it can engage multiple enemies without any problems.


The Ranger is the classic “rogue” that you would find in any other RPG. Specialized in daggers and throwing weapons, the Ranger has some of the best abilities in Wartales out of all the classes.

The Ranger is very versatile but can be easily defeated in one-on-ones. This is why you should always think before attacking with your Ranger, as they can defeat multiple enemies in their turn, but they can also immediately die when attacked.


The Spearman uses long weapons that will allow them to keep enemies at a distance and avoid most engagements. They are really powerful if you position them close to Brutes, Swordsmen, or Warriors.

Since they have a longer range than the other close-range fighters and can push rivals back with their attacks, they are really good at helping the team control the enemies’ positions.


The Brute and Swordsman are relatively similar. The biggest difference between them is their favorite weapon. Swordsmen, obviously, use swords.

Swordsmen are relatively balanced and can make the best tanks, as they have a lot of skills to keep enemies stuck in engagements.


The Warrior is basically the Brute that uses an axe. Besides the weapon of choice, the classes are extremely similar. One big difference is that the Warrior specializations mostly use medium armor.

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Best Classes in Wartales Tier List

Usually, you should have at least one of each class in your party in Wartales to truly understand how they work. However, some classes are just more useful than others. Here is a tier list that should help you realize which classes are the best in Wartales:

ClassTierReason For Rating
SpearmanSThe Spearman can lead a team better than any other class. Since they can also be incredible healers, the Spearman is a must on any mercenary band.
BruteAThe Brute, Swordsman, and Warrior are extremely similar. Their biggest difference is their choice of weapon. This is why you can make a whole team that only has one of these classes and you wouldn’t feel like you are missing out.
RangerBThough the Ranger can deal incredible damage and can help out a lot, it is extremely weak by itself. This is why we consider that the other classes are more important than the Ranger.
ArcherBThe Archer can be extremely powerful with the help of the other classes. However, the closer you get to the late game, the weaker this class becomes.

And that is all you need to know about classes in Wartales. Check out other interesting Wartales guides and articles:

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