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Wartales: What Does a Captain Do? Answered

Wartales What does captain do

After spending some time battling the many bandits and rats of Wartales, you will get a little popup that will say you can appoint a captain. By choosing a captain for your Warband, you will gain some influence and will have to pay that person a higher wage. However, what advantages do you get for making that companion into the captain of the party? Well, if your question is: “What does a captain do in Wartales?” We have the answer.

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What Does a Captain Do in Wartales

After spending a bit of time in Wartales, you will have the choice to make one of your companions into a captain. You might not initially see any difference, as their stats don’t change in any way.

However, if you look at their skills, you will see that your Wartales captain has a new skill that no one else does: Galvanize Troops. This is an active skill that won’t lose you the chance to also attack in the turn. The skill will give valor pips per nearby allies.

Wartales What does captain do Skill
Screenshot by Raider King

It is an area ability that will get you temporary valor pips for every ally that you can get in the circle when used.

It is an extremely useful skill in battle that will allow you to quickly get some powerful attacks right off the bat. The only problem is that you will only get to use it once per encounter. So, make sure you don’t waste it.

Besides that, the captain won’t offer you any other benefits. The same will be with the lieutenant, which you will get later on. The lieutenant has a skill that will allow some of your companions to make attacks of opportunity.

And that is all you need to know about what does a captain do in Wartales. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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