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Wartales: Should You Play Using OpenGL? Answered

Wartales Should You Play Using OpenGL Answered

When you want to start up Wartales and play, you will find that you can start it using OpenGL. However, there are probably many players that have no idea what that means. What is OpenGL and what will it help you with? Does it improve the performance of the game? Maybe it will help you with graphics. Or maybe it just doesn’t really change much. In this guide, we will explain what OpenGL is and if you should play Wartales using it.

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Should You Use OpenGL in Wartales? What is the Difference Between OpenGL and DirectX?

Most modern games on the PC will either use DirectX or OpenGL as a graphic interface. Usually, DirectX works with Windows and Xbox, while OpenGL works with most of the platforms you can imagine.

For example, if you wanted to play a game on a Linux computer, you wouldn’t even have the choice between DirectX and OpenGL. You will have to use OpenGL unless you install Windows on your machine.

If you have a normal PC that uses Windows and wonder if you should use OpenGL when playing Wartales, the answer is no. The normal DirectX version of the game works perfectly well and there is no reason to use the OpenGL one.

However, if you have a really old graphics driver, or a rare one that hasn’t received many updates, you might have to use the OpenGL version, as it can have fewer performance and graphical bugs. The OpenGL version of Wartales will usually have better performance than the DirectX one. But, the DirectX one will look better.

And that is all you need to know about OpenGL in Wartales. Check out other interesting Wartales guides and articles:

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