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Victoria 3 – How to Increase Standard of Living

Victoria 3 Standard of Living

Keeping the population fed and well is going to be hard in Victoria 3. It already was hard in Victoria 2, but the sequel managed to make everything worse. The Standard of Living is very hard to manage stat that can bring you radicals that can destroy your country. This is why we decided to properly explain what the Standard of Living is in Victoria 3 and how you can increase it.

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What is Standard of Living in Victoria 3

Victoria 3’s Standard of Living is a gauge of how everyone in your nation is faring, using material wealth as the starting point.

A greater Standard of Living also serves to boost a state’s migration attractiveness, which refers to how probable it is for other people to relocate there in search of employment and a better life. However, birth rate and mortality are its primary determinants.

Victoria 3 Standard of Living Average

The number with a little wheat grain next to it (you can see it in the image above) shows your country’s average Standard of Living, although it is further split into strata, or sectors, such as the lower, middle, and upper classes.

Each of the classes’ level of life can rise, but it can also fall. Each strata in Vicky 3 has its own anticipated minimum Standard of Living, and not meeting it has bad ramifications for your country, in the shape of Radicals.

Radicals can undermine political party approval, wreak havoc in your state, or strengthen radical political groups. In summary, radicals are rarely desirable, unless you’re seeking for certain movements to drive through laws or to combat uprisings.

Increase Standard of Living in Victoria 3

Many taxation laws in Victoria 3 predominantly target the poor, which means that increasing taxes frequently lowers the general Standard of Living.

As a result, lowering taxes is frequently a wise move to increase the Standard of Living as long as you can do it consistently. This must be balanced, of course, with your capacity to develop structures, which will therefore improve the Standard of Living.

Expanding your internal market may also be quite beneficial in increasing the Standard of Living in Victoria 3. Especially if other nations contribute items that cut the price of basic goods such as grain and clothing, making every day goods for the lower classes cheaper.

And that is all you need to know about how to increase the Standard of Living in Victoria 3. Check out other interesting Paradox Interactive guides and articles:

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