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A Spacefaring Detective Story: A Review of Between Horizons After 100%

Between Horizons Ship

I was pretty excited when I saw Between Horizons on my Steam feed, as I am a huge choice-based games fan and this seemed like just the type of thing that would entertain my obsession with the genre.

The art style is the first thing that appealed to me, as the combination between pixel art and 3D backgrounds looks stunning. The gameplay mechanics are also great, as the game does its best to give you hints along the way and doesn’t punish you for not being 100% focused when someone talks, which is pretty unique for a detective game.

Story – 8/10

Between Horizons Who Is The Contact Solution 2
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In Between Horizons, players get to control Stella, the newly appointed Chief of Security on a colonizer generation ship, the Zephyr, heading to a different star system to spread the human race even further than previously thought possible.

However, from the start, it’s clear that there are many secrets regarding this mission that Stella doesn’t know yet and there are many people on the ship that don’t appreciate the military dictatorship that is currently bringing order to this floating civilization. The premise is interesting enough and the mysteries that you’ll have to solve are all unique.

The only slight problem I had with some of the story is that there are a lot of characters present and most of them don’t have more than one line. Even the more important ones don’t feel like they’ve managed to leave a permanent impression on me, as you only get to interact with them when investigating something. Maybe having more scenes where Stella actually talks to her best friends would make us also care about them and feel what Stella is feeling when unexpected things happen.

The overall plot is great though and the plot twists weren’t extremely unpredictable, but they were fun nonetheless to uncover.

Gameplay – 9/10

Between Horizons Which Terminal Did The Intruder Manipulate Solution 2
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The gameplay is actually the best part of Between Horizons. Though running around in the ship can get a bit tedious at times, looking at all the clues and past conversations with characters is really fun. The main thing you will do throughout the game is investigate to find clues, talk to characters about them, and figure out who the culprit is for a crime or where a problem might have arisen. Since the cast is extremely big, you have a very high chance of getting the wrong culprit, because the game gives you the possibility to submit any solution for the cases.

Since the game autosaves, you are forced to live with your wrong solution for the rest of the playthrough, unless you’ve made a backup of your save file, which even the developer suggested in the forums if the ironman mode system isn’t enjoyable for you. I think that maybe there should have been a choice to play one way or the other, since people that enjoy living with the consequences could play the “intended” way, while more casual players should have the option to save whenever they want.

My favorite mechanic in Between Horizons is the ability to always check out past conversations with others. I generally have a tendency to space out when some characters talk, so it was incredible that I could always check my past conversations with them, which allowed me to finish the game with all of the cases completed correctly on my first.

Some minor problems were that you don’t know where people are located on the ship, so you have to constantly walk around the whole thing to find them, and the clues are saved in your “inventory” in the order you found them, so trying to find details on a person in there can take a while. These two things can make the gameplay a bit tedious at times, but it doesn’t take away from the general fun of solving all of these cases.

Choices – 7/10

Between Horizons Who Used the Fertilizer Solution
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Though the game is advertised as a game where your choices matter. And they do. It just feels like they don’t matter that much to the overall plot. The main plot of the game moves with or without you. Most of the time it doesn’t matter if you’re the best detective in the world or an idiot that thinks your pet did most of the crimes. Solving the cases can make you feel good, but most of them aren’t relevant to the story progression, as everything still works out if you are the worst detective in the world.

There is only one case that influences the ending of the game, as you get a choice in the end rather than getting forced to witness the consequences of your actions. Your overall behavior during the game also has an effect on the ending, where being a good person will probably get you the ending you don’t want, and vice versa.

A way the choices would have felt more impactful would have been to see their effects throughout the story, not just for the ending. And there are only 4 major endings, so the choices don’t really affect many aspects of the game. There was one moment where a “choice” you make will actually feel impactful, resulting in the death of a character, but it’s more something that happens because I didn’t pay attention, I didn’t actually decide anything.

Performance – 9/10

Between Horizons Where Was the Paper Taken From Solution
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The game worked perfectly well with absolutely no game breaking bugs. There were some bugs here and there, for example some conversations were missing from the logs, but I’m sure things like these will be fixed in no time.

One accessibility problem might be that you can’t change the controls, so if you think they might feel clunky, you can’t really do anything about it.

Enjoyment – 9/10

Between Horizons Petting
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Overall, I really enjoyed playing Between Horizons. It was a fun little game with a lot to offer. Though I did feel like I didn’t really gain anything from relaying to fix my one mistake in the 2nd act, the first playthrough was really entertaining and I’m sure everyone will enjoy solving most of these cases. All of them have puzzles that can be solved just by paying attention to the data given, and the game will always hint at the solutions by highlighting important evidence and giving the player the full freedom to always check back on past conversations for information.


Between Horizons Review

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Between Horizons

If you are a fan of space mysteries and whodunits, then Between Horizons is a game you will thoroughly enjoy.

Story 8
Gameplay 9
Choices 7
Performance 9
Enjoyment 9
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