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Victoria 3 – How to Colonize

Victoria 3 How to Colonize Tech

There are many ways to get new territories in Victoria 3, and colonizing is probably the simplest one of them all. Besides the various problems you can have with the natives and maybe other colonizers, this is the best way to get territory without angering the great powers of the world (too much). So, here is how you can colonize new territories in Victoria 3 and start your own little colonial empire.

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How to Discover Colonization in Victoria 3

Victoria 3 Colonization Laws

To colonize in Victoria 3, you must have researched the Colonization technology. It is a tier 1 technology shared by several great powers at the beginning of the game. This opens up the Colonial Affairs Institution and Colonization laws, which have an impact on how rapidly your colonies expand.

Due to their Jingoist philosophy, which encourages them to adopt an aggressive and expansionist foreign policy, the Armed Forces often favor colonial laws.

The Rural Folk are concerned for their lives if their agricultural employment is replaced by inexpensive colonial labor. Whereas the Industrialists, who are constantly looking for new sources of profit, particularly embrace Colonial Exploitation.

How to Colonize in Victoria 3

Victoria 3 How to Colonize

You can start colonies in Victoria 3 in strategic regions where you have declared an Interest. Within those strategic territories, you can colonize a state region in which at least one state is governed by a Decentralized country.

Here is how you can colonize in Victoria 3:

  1. Select the Diplomatic Lens from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose either Declare Interests or Establish Colony.
  3. Select the territory you want to colonize.

One of the provinces in that state region will serve as the foundation for your colony. A colony in a state region does not grant you exclusive control over it. Other colonial powers may establish their own colonies, dividing states and creating tangled frontiers that will undoubtedly lead to future diplomatic disputes.

A colony’s expansion has the potential to cause tension with nearby decentralized states. To regain their territory and drive out the invaders, the Decentralized nation may launch a Native Uprising against you. This happens if tensions become too high.

Although tension will gradually deteriorate, on average you may anticipate that the forces increasing tension will ultimately surpass its rate of decay.

And that is all you need to know about how to colonize in Victoria 3. Check out other interesting Vicky 3 guides and articles:

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