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Sun Haven: Topi’s Notebook Location

Sun Haven Topis Notebook Location

One of the first character quests you will get in Sun Haven will be Topi’s Studies, which will make you run around to find his notebook. There aren’t any clear hints as to where you can find Topi’s notebook anywhere around the map. Since there are many locations where you can search in Sun Haven, finding a tiny notebook might not be the easiest task. Luckily, if you think about the places where Topi walks around the most, you will easily figure out where to get the notebook. Here is the location of Topi’s notebook in Sun Haven that will help you complete Topi’s Studies quest.

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Where to Find Topi’s Notebook in Sun Haven (Topi’s Studies Quest)

It seems that the most common place where Topi’s notebook spawns in Sun Haven is next to the fountain at the Library. You can see the exact location in the image below, shown with an arrow. Some players have said that they found it on the right side of the fountain, however, we have seen it on the left.

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Sun Haven Topis Notebook Location Map
Screenshot by Raider King

Either way, players will easily get their hands on the notebook just by going to the Sun Haven Library. Now, all that you need to do is find Topi and give him his notebook back. He has a simple walking pattern that he goes through every day.

Between 1 and 4 PM, players can find Topi inside the Library. Otherwise, he will be at his house or in between these locations. By bringing the notebook back to Topi, you will get a lot of things. Exactly 3 cookies, 6 stones, 30 exploration xp, and 5 community tokens. As a bonus, you will also get to choose from 40 farming xp or 40 exploration xp.

And that is all you need to know about Topi’s notebook location in Sun Haven. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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