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Sun Haven – Does it Have Controller Support? Answered

Sun Haven Controller Support

Since Sun Haven is a classic farming simulator that would work great on platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, players have been asking if there is controller support for the game. Well, the answer is a bit more complicated than that. There is no simple yes or no answer since there isn’t any full controller support for the game at the moment. However, you can play the game with a controller, just a bit more complicated. If you want to know more details about controller support in Sun Haven, continue reading below.

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Controller Support for Sun Haven

Sun Haven has partial controller support at the moment, as shown on the Steam page. We have tried the game out and this just means that you can play the game with a controller but you can’t change the keybinding for it or get all the buttons to do something relevant.

It basically works as if your controller is a mouse with a few buttons on it. It is very limited, however, it is still possible to play with it. Since the game is only available on the PC and Mac at the moment, it might be best to just play it using a mouse and keyboard rather than using your controller.

The developers seem to have plans to get Sun Haven on the Nintendo Switch, as shown in the tweet below where they left a hashtag showing their plans. They also responded to a tweet asking about controller support, saying that you just have to plug your controller in and it will work.

And that is all you need to know about controller support in Sun Haven. Check out other interesting farming simulator type guides and articles:

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