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Sun Haven: Bridge Flower Location

Sun Haven Bridge Flower Juns Town Beautification

The first character quest that you will get from the heart-throb Jun is one where you have to place 4 flowers around Sun Haven. This quest will have you walking around some of the best hotspots in town and also get you to beautify the places. All you need to do is interact with the “ghost” flowers to place them and fulfill the quest. However, one of the flowers, the bridge flower Jun wants you to place, doesn’t have an amazing description. Which bridge? There are many. Well, in this guide, we will show you the exact location for the bridge flower on the map for Jun’s Town Beautification quest in Sun Haven.

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Where to Find the Bridge Flower in Sun Haven (Jun’s Town Beautification Quest)

As you head toward the tavern, you might see the exact place where you need to leave a flower. The location for the bridge flower Jun wants you to position in Sun Haven is next to the bridge left of the tavern. You will see the place where you can leave the flower right next to Anne’s pet, Duke. The exact location is shown on the map below with the arrow.

Sun Haven Bridge Flower Location
Screenshot by Raider King

You can also see what the place where you need to leave the bridge flower looks like in the image below. All of the other flowers need to be placed right next to their shops, which are easy to find using the map.

Sun Haven Bridge Flower Location 2
Screenshot by Raider King

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Rewards for Completing Jun’s Town Beautification Quest

By placing the bridge flower and completing Jun’s Town Beautification quest in Sun Haven you will get 4 earth crystals, 15 exploration xp, and 5 community tokens. You will also get to choose from 2 water cristal or 30 exploration xp. Interested players would also like to know that they will receive some relationship points with Jun. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough to get a full heart.

And that is all you need to know about bridge flower location in Sun Haven. Check out other interesting Sun Haven guides and articles:

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