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Sun Haven: How to Help the Injured Fighter

Sun Haven How to Help Injured Fighter

As you head on your adventure to the west of your farm in Sun Haven, you might bump into an injured fighter that needs help. This poor guy just sits there, scratching his head. You can tell him that it’s none of your business to get him help. But, you wouldn’t get anything from that. So, you decide you want to help this injured fighter get back to health, but you can’t do anything yourself to save him. Well, if you are having problems with this quest, here is how to help the injured fighter from the West Forest in Sun Haven.

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How to Help the Injured Fighter in Sun Haven

To start helping this poor man, you will first need to talk to him and tell him that you will get him some help. Most players just look around the map for Wornhardt and talk to him. If you do this, there won’t be any dialogue options to save the fighter.

To help the injured fighter in Sun Haven, all you need to do is head over inside the Hospital after telling the guy that you will help him. A cutscene will start when you enter the Hospital where you tell Wornhardt about the situation.

That is all you need to do to complete the quest. You will get some money, experience, and the chance to choose between 2 health potions, a mana potion, and a speed potion.

If you haven’t done it yet, you can place one of these potions in the Museum, in the alchemy section, to start completing that side quest as well.

Now that the quest is done, if you go back to the forest, he won’t be there anymore. Even if you went to the Hospital later, he won’t be there in one of the beds. The injured fighter seems to just disappear from this world, with no further explanation.

And that is all you need to know about how to help the injured fighter in Sun Haven. Check out other interesting Sun Haven guides and articles:

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