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Soulstice: How to Jump Higher

Soulstice How to Jump Higher

Soulstice is a story-rich, hack-and-slash, action RPG game by Reply Game Studios. With amazing graphics and artwork inspired by Japanese dark fantasy classics, the game centers around two characters – Briar and Lute. The story unfolds in a grim, medieval realm where you are sent on a mission to reclaim a city ravaged by the Wraiths. But while doing so, you’ll discover that the Order they belong to has a complex plan in mind. In this guide we’ll explore how Briar can jump higher, to help you easily master the gameplay in Soulstice.

How to Jump Higher in Soulstice

One of the several game-play actions that you need to know is how you (Briar) can jump higher in Soulstice:

  • Press the jump key (space key by default) once, to get a short jump.
  • During the jump (when mid-air), press the jump key again, to get a higher (also called the double) jump action.

You will need the higher jump action in the following scenarios in Soulstice:

  • When climbing a higher ledge.
  • When performing the Soaring Ascent – to knock the enemies into the air [right click + space bar].
  • When performing the roaring descent while in air to knock the enemies down into the ground [space bar (mid-air) + right-click + space bar].
  • To combat flying enemies (low jumps or higher jumps).

Soulstice might look like an easy game to jump into, but don’t be fooled. If you are just starting, then knowing the basics might save your time. It will also help you during world exploration and fast battles.

And that is all you need to know about how to jump higher in Soulstice. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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