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Hollow Knight: How to Get Double Jump (Monarch Wings)

Hollow Knight How to Get Double Jump Monarch Wings

From unique characters and boss fights to dark caverns and cool abilities, Hollow Knight is totally packed with all the fun stuff. However, one such ability that we are discussing today is the double jump ability – also known as Monarch Wings. This ability is undeniably one of the most searched abilities. But it can be quite a hustle for players to find. For that very reason, in this guide, we will help you with everything you need to know to get your hands on the double jump ability in Hollow Knight.

How to Get the Double Jump in Hollow Knight

There are two prerequisites that are necessary to obtain in Hollow Knight before getting to the double jump ability. Firstly, make sure that you have unlocked the King’s Station at the City of Tears. Secondly, the Crystal Heart ability. You can find the Crystal Heart ability at the Crystal Peak.

Hollow Knight Double Jump Location Ancient Basin
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After that, you can proceed with the search for double jump ability. To be precise, the ability is located at the left-most side of the Ancient Basin. Here is how you can get there:

Make your way to the King’s Station in the City of Tears. Keep on heading left until you find a shaft to descend down to the Ancient Basin as shown in the image below. While heading down, try not to get damaged by spikes and enemies. Because you will need health ahead.

Hollow Knight Path to Double Jump Location Ancient Basin
Screenshot by Raider King

Once you have successfully descended, keep on heading left. Soon after, you will encounter some flying creatures. Use the Crystal Heart ability to fly past these enemies. You can also fight back against these enemies. However, it will be tough to maintain your health if you do so because there are only a few platforms to use there.

In the Ancient Basin

Now that you have made your way to the Ancient Basin, keep heading down by keeping to the left. Soon after you will cross this huge chamber. Use the bench at the left of the chamber to recharge your health.

Once again head left by keeping an eye on the location of the ability on the map. To the left of the bench is where you will have to use the Crystal Heart ability. You cannot cross the spikes without it.

After that, it’s up to you now whether you want to defeat the enemies you encounter on your way or just run past them. Keep heading toward the ability by working through the map. Make sure to hug the wall on the right to open a shortcut.

How to Defeat Broken Vessel at Ancient Basin for the Double Jump Ability in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Broken Vessel Boss Fight
Screenshot by Raider King

To get the double jump ability in Hollow Knight, you will need to defeat a powerful boss. Here comes the last and perhaps the hardest part, be ready for a fight with the Broken Vessel. Here are some tips on how you can defeat this boss:

  • Dash Attack: Before Broken Vessel uses this attack he will push back and it will become obvious that he is about to use the dash ability. As soon as you see him pull back, get ready to dodge. After the dash attack, Blook Vessel will stop for a few seconds and this is the right time to attack him.
  • Jump Strike: Blood Vessel will jump and then in mid-air he will stop for a few seconds and then strike right under him. You can also easily dodge this attack by moving away from where he stops mid-air. However, after he strikes there will be a jelly-like substance that will come out of the ground so be sure to dodge that as well. After the strike, Blood Vessel will stop for a few seconds and that is your opportunity to attack back.
  • Head Bob: Lastly, Blood Vessel will strike his head on the ground continuously. This will cause the orange substance to come out in abundance. It’s best to focus more on dodging this attack rather than attacking back.

After defeating the boss, make your way to the left. The Hollow Knight double jump ability, or the Monarch Wings, is right in the next room.

And that is all you need to know about how to get the double jump (Monarch Wings) ability in Hollow Knight. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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