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Soulstice: All Weapons and Upgrades

Soulstice All Weapons Explained

There are a plethora of enemies and fierce combats in Soulstice. Luckily for you, you’ll find a wealth of weapons and weapon upgrades to choose from. As you advance in the game, the two basic weapons – the Enforcer and Vindicator – that Briar starts out with will not be enough. You’ll have to unlock all the other types of weapons. So what are all those weapons that Briar wields and how do you unlock them? In this guide, we’ll help you find out all the weapons and their upgrades in Soulstice and how to unlock each one of them.

All Weapons and Upgrades in Soulstice

There are a total of 7 weapons that Briar wields in Soulstice. You receive only two weapons at the beginning of the game – a Greatsword, and a Warhammer. You can unlock new weapons at different points in the story by meeting Layton, the Observer (and Shopkeeper).

So the only way to unlock a new weapon is to reach a certain chapter in the story where Layton basically gives the new weapons to you. These new weapons include a Gauntlet/Shield, a Bow, a Whip, a pair of Daggers, and a pair of Tonfas/Cannons.

  1. Ashen Vindicator (Greatsword)
  2. Ashen Enforcer (Warhammer)
  3. Hand of Retribution (Gauntlet / Shield)
  4. Hallowed Hunter (Bow)
  5. Tearing Penance (Whip)
  6. Merciful Blades (Daggers)
  7. Fiery Zealots (Tonfas / Cannons)

Below we have explained all the places where you can receive/unlock the new weapons in Soulstice. We have also included the names of the weapon upgrades against each one.

Each weapon has three levels of Proficiencies. The first weapon upgrade/ability will be available by default. You’ll have to buy the rest by collecting thousands of Crimson Tear Residues.

Default Weapon: Ashen Vindicator (Greatsword)

Where you’ll find it: Equipped by default at the beginning of the game.

Two Upgrades: Ferocious Assault, Piercing Lunge.

Soulstice Weapon Ashen Vindicator
Screenshot by Raider King

Default Weapon: Ashen Enforcer (Warhammer)

Where you’ll find it: Equipped by default at the beginning of the game.

Upgrades: Thunderous Advance, Arching Onslaught, Soaring Ascent, Roaring Descent, Hammering Rush.

Soulstice Ashen Enforcer
Screenshot by Raider King

Hand of Retribution (Gauntlet / Shield)

Where you’ll find it: Layton will give it to you during Act I, Chapter 3: Point of No Return.

Upgrades: Unstoppable Force, Immovable Object, Skyward Strike, Diving Crash, Leaping Jab.

Soulstice Hand of Retribution
Screenshot by Raider King

Hallowed Hunter (Bow)

Where you’ll find it: Layton will give it to you during Act II, Chapter 7: Lights and Shadows.

Upgrades: True Shot, Tripping Shot, Back Thrashing, Hail of Arrows.

Soulstice Hallowed Hunter
Screenshot by Raider King

Tearing Penance (Whip)

Where you’ll find it: Layton will give it to you at the beginning of Act II, Chapter 9: Underworld.

Upgrades: Lashing Storm, Whirlwind of Steel, Grappling Hook, Swirling Upburst, Swirling Downdraft.

Tearing Penance
Screenshot by Raider King

Merciful Blades (Daggers)

Where you’ll find it: Layton will give them to you in Act III, Chapter 13: Frozen Silence.

Upgrades: Vicious Dance, Furious Bite, Spiraling Surge, Aerial Spin.

Merciful Blades
Screenshot by Raider King

Fiery Zealots (Tonfas / Cannons)

Where you’ll find it: Layton will gift them to you in Act IV, Chapter 17: Revelations.

Upgrades: Brazen Barrage, Impetuous Blaze, Cracking Thunder, Hovering Burst, Pouncing Strike.

Fiery Zealots
Screenshot by Raider King

And that is all you need to know about all the weapons and upgrades in Soulstice. Check out other interesting Soulstice guides and articles:

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