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Soulstice: How to Farm Crystals

Soulstice Farming Crystals Complete Guide

Whether you’ve been playing Soulstice for a while or just beginning, you might be wondering about farming Crystals. Since this is the one thing anyone notices as they start playing. You’ll find the red, blue, and green Shards or Crystals right from the get-go. Whether you’re defeating foes, thrashing objects, or breaking off fragments from the Tear. You will find that the Crystals play a huge role in the gameplay – from increasing health to purchasing weapons and upgrades. In this complete guide to Crystals, we will explain the types of Crystals, their use, and how to farm them in Soulstice.

Farming Crystals in Soulstice

The easiest way to farm crystals in Soulstice is, hands-down, by replaying the same chapters several times. That way you can get the maximum amount of crystals by breaking up the Tear formations and by breaking barrels, carts, and crates over and over each time. Here are our other not-so-favorite crystal farming methods in Soulstice:

  • You can look for the crystals carefully since they are hidden in all the nooks and corners of the map. This especially includes the upper corners of archways and ceilings, etc.
  • You can farm more crystals by killing more and more enemies (if not all). Sometimes you will have the option to run away because there would be just too many of them to defeat. But if you’re really good and getting greedy, you can smash some more monsters and get those crystals!

These are the surefire methods to collect and farm more crystals. If you’re new to the game you should know that there are 3 types of crystals:

  1. The Crimson Tear Residue
  2. The Cobalt Tear Residue
  3. The Emerald Tear Shard

We have explained all these three types of crystals below:

The Crimson Tear Residue

The Crimson Tear Residues are the red crystals that serve as the main currency in Soulstice.

Soulstice Crimson Tear Residue
Screenshot by Raider King
  • Usage: You can use them to purchase various upgrades to Briar’s weapons, through which she can use new abilities and combos. You can also buy upgrades and improvements to Lute’s Entropy meter. (These are temporary potions which really come in handy during battles)
  • Acquisition: You can get them by defeating enemies and by breaking big and small formations of the Tear. You can also get them by breaking objects such as barrels, carts, crates, boxes – basically anything that’s breakable.

The Cobalt Tear Residue

The Cobalt Tear Residues are the blue-ish crystals that serve as the secondary currency.

Soulstice Cobalt Tear Residue
Screenshot by Raider King
  • Usage: Used as currency but only to purchase upgrades to Lute’s powers and traits.
  • Acquisition: They drop from fallen enemies and blue Motherlodes. You can also find them in specific locations within the game environment as dust or shards. (Usually hidden away neatly in nooks and corners).

The Emerald Tear Shard

The Emerald Tear Shards are green crystals that are for Briar’s health and cannot be used as currency. They also come in the forms of Malformed Husk Fragment and Sturdy Husk Chunks. The Fragments can be found while exploring the map. While the Chunks can be found in Challenges or Layton’s store.

Soulstice Emerald Tear Shard
Screenshot by Raider King
  • Usage: You can use them to increase Briar’s health.
  • Acquisition: You can obtain them by killing enemies, solving puzzles, or accomplishing specific in-game Challenges. You can also purchase them from Layton for 350 Crimson Tear Residue. You can also purchase a Sturdy Husk Chunk for 10,000 Crimson Tear Residue to increase your maximum amount of health.

And that is all you need to know about how to farm Crystals in Soulstice. Check out other interesting Soulstice guides and articles:

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