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Soulstice: How Many Chapters? Answered

Soulstice How Many Chapters

If you think it took you long enough to fully complete Lords of the Fallen, wait till you play Soulstice. Gamers have reported to have taken around 25 to 30 hours straight. And that too not counting the side missions and story cut-scenes. Developed by Reply Game Studios, Soulstice is not just any other RPG, hack-and-slash game. It has a rich story behind the two main characters Briar and Lute compounded with beautiful aesthetics and intense combat. So, if you were wondering how long this game is and how many chapters there are in Soulstice, read on to find out!

How Many Chapters are there in Soulstice?

Soulstice is definitely a huge game with a total of 32 chapters. These are divided into five acts. That includes:

  1. An introductory chapter
  2. 25 main story chapters
  3. Six memories

The introductory chapter is the prologue. Then, there’s the main gameplay that spans 25 chapters. Lastly, the six Memories are special narrative chapters that appear in between chapters. These are Briar’s memories which you’ll see through Lute’s perspective.

To make it easy for you, we’ve added a breakdown of all the Acts and chapters in the Soulstice storyline:

Prologue, Docks District, Ildenmere Bridge, Wanelight Gaol, Ramparts: Act I

  • Chapter 0: Introduction
  • Chapter 1: All the Lost Souls
  • Chapter 2: Echoes from the Past
  • Chapter 3: Point of No Return
  • Chapter 4: The Shadeless
  • Chapter 5: Death from Above

Ildenmere Bridge, Low Town, Sewers, Smuggling Tunnels, town Square: Act II

  • Memory I
  • Chapter 6: The Fall
  • Chapter 7: Lights and Shadows
  • Chapter 8: Unstoppable
  • Memory II
  • Chapter 9: Underworld
  • Chapter 10: Sunless Maze
  • Chapter 11: Invisible Strings

Low Town, Inner Walls, High Town: Act III

  • Memory III
  • Chapter 12: On the Same Side
  • Chapter 13: Frozen Silence
  • Chapter 14: Grim Sky
  • Chapter 15: The Crater
  • Chapter 16: Reckoning

Ilden Monastery, Cathedral of the Guiding Light: Act IV

  • Memory IV
  • Chapter 17: Revelations
  • Chapter 18: Fearful Whispers
  • Chapter 19: Ascension
  • Chapter 20: Scattered Ashes
  • Chapter 21: Chase the Storm
  • Chapter 22: Strangled Wings

Cathedral of the Guiding Light, the Void: Act V

  • Memory V
  • Chapter 23: The Eye of the Storm
  • Chapter 24: Hannah
  • Memory VI
  • Chapter 25: An End to Everything

After you have completed a chapter, you can play any previous chapter again from the Chapter Select menu screen. You may want to do that to improve your fighting skills or to find something you’ve missed before.

In addition, there are also Void Challenges in each Chapter for those of you who enjoy a bit more on the side. But that’s not all, you’ll also be rewarded with resources once you complete a challenge. However, they’re always hidden so make sure you look for them thoroughly.

Lastly, for those of you who’ve just started, remember to reach the checkpoints to save the game. Otherwise, you’ll be beginning from the start of the Chapter.

And that is all you need to know about how many chapters are in Soulstice. Check out other interesting Soulstice guides and articles:

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