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Phasmophobia: Tarot Cards Guide – Locations and Effects

Phasmophobia Tarot Cards Guide Locations and Effects

Phasmophobia is a very popular co-op, indie horror game that has been widely recognized by the horror game community. You play as a Paranormal Investigator and go on missions alone or with max. 3 other players. On top of visiting haunted places and interacting with ghosts you’ll find all sorts of spooky stuff in Phasmophobia! Including Cursed Possessions like the Voodoo Doll and Ouija Board among several others. However, there is one that is probably the riskiest to interact with, and that is the Tarot Cards! In this complete guide, we will tell you all about the Tarot Cards locations and the effects of each card in Phasmophobia.

Tarot Cards and their Effects in Phasmophobia

Spawning in all locations in Phasmophobia, the Tarot Cards deck has 10 cards which have different effects on the player as well as the ghosts. One type of card can appear more than once in the deck so there’s a very low chance to see them all at once in a contract.

They may be helpful but at the same time there’s a 50% chance they might hinder your investigation, depending on what was drawn. To use a card just click on the right mouse button.

Tarot CardEffect
The TowerYou’ll get a ghost interaction. Doubles ghost activity for 20 seconds
The SunRestores your sanity to 100%
The MoonReduces your sanity to 0%
The Wheel of FortuneIf your card burns GREEN you gain 25% sanity. If it burns RED you lose 25% sanity
The FoolNo effect. The Fool appears as another card before turning into The Fool as it burns
The DevilYou’ll get a ghost event (usually towards the players near the ghost)
DeathStarts a cursed hunt!
The HermitTeleports and traps the ghost in its favorite room for a minute
The High PriestessRevives a dead player at random. If no one’s currently dead, it will revive the player who dies
The Hanged ManKills you instantly!
Tarot Cards and their Effects

Where to Find the Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia – All Locations

Where to Find the Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia All Locations
Screenshot by Raider King

The Tarot Cards are generally found on coffee tables, dressers or tables in most locations in Phasmophobia.

  • Tanglewood Drive: In the living room on a small round table
  • Edgefield Street House: Near the front door on a dresser
  • Ridgeview Court: Near the front door on a table
  • Grafton Farmhouse: Ground floor, on the dining table
  • Willow Street House: In the living room immediately after the front door entrance, on a small table
  • Brownstone High School: In the first main room after entering, on the 2nd left pew
  • Bleasdale Farmhouse: Ground floor, first room on left, on the desk
  • Sunny Meadows: In the red circle in the Chapel
  • Prison: In the items drop-box on the left of the entrance
  • Maple Lodge Campsite: Behind the campfire on a small folding picnic table
  • Camp Woodwind: Upon entering, directly to the left, on a wooden table

Pro Tips:

During a hunt avoid drawing any cards as they will all turn into The Fool (you’ll just be wasting your cards)

Take a picture of the deck for cash rewards before you use it, as the deck will disappear once all are used up.

The Tower card affects equipment such as D.O.T.S projectors and ghost writing books (so gather your evidence quickly and easily)

And that is all you need to know about Tarot Cards in Phasmophobia. Check out other interesting Phasmophobia guides and articles:

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