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Sun Haven: How to Save Crops on Fire (Stop Seasonal Crop Effects)

Sun Haven How to Save Crops on Fire (Stop Seasonal Crop Effects)

One of the weirdest things that will happen when you plant crops in the summer in Sun Haven is the random fires that appear all over them in the morning. These problems are defined by the game as “seasonal crop effects” and stuff like this can happen during each season. Luckily, there is an option to stop these fires from ever happening, or you can just put them out with a special tool. Here is how to save your crops that are on fire in Sun Haven and how to stop seasonal crop effects with a simple button click.

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How to Save Crops on Fire in Sun Haven

Seasonal crop effects in Sun Haven can easily be toggled off through the Settings. Just open the Settings menu, where you can also disable seasonal pests, and scroll down. Most people miss this option since they don’t see that they can scroll down.

The Seasonal Crop Effects option will be toggled on by default. Just click on the blue dot and disable them forever. Or, until you decide you want them back. These effects only happen during the summer and winter, so they can be interesting.

However, most players consider them a tedious task that is completely unnecessary. But, if you do want to take care of the crop fires without disabling them, here is how to do it.

To save your crops that are on fire in Sun Haven, just use a watering can to water the fires. This will extinguish them, but remember that you will still need to water your crop afterward.

And that is all you need to know about how to stop crops on fire in Sun Haven. Check out other interesting Sun Haven guides and articles:

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