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Phasmophobia: How to Use Smudge Sticks

Phasmophobia How to Use Smudge Sticks

Phasmophobia takes you on eerie ghost investigation missions amidst unsettling and haunted locations. You can buy and acquire various types of tools and equipment loadouts to aid in your investigation. Equipment such as the Spirit Box, EMF Reader, and Thermometer can be used for finding the ghost room. Self-defense items such as the Crucifix and Smudge Sticks stop the ghosts from attacking you for a short while. In this article, we’ll explore all about the Smudge Sticks, how and when to use them, and how to complete optional objectives with them in Phasmophobia.

How to Use Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia

Unlike the Crucifix, the Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia have several uses such as:

  • Before a hunt for cleansing the room.
  • During a hunt to disorient the ghost.
  • Completing Optional Objectives.

To activate it, just click the right mouse button. You need to have a lighter equipped in your inventory in order to use it. When lit, it will emit smoke for 6 seconds before burning to a stub. You can buy and equip up to four Smudge Sticks from the truck for each Phasmophobia contract.

Smudge sticks in Phasmophobia have a radius of six meters, so make sure of that while lighting it during the hunt within the ghost’s line of sight.

You can use the sticks even if you are further from the ghost than your teammate, who can be nearer to the ghost. However, you still need to be within a radius of six meters.

Using Before a Hunt

  • Smudging the room actually cleanses the room and prevents the ghost from hunting for 90 seconds. (180 seconds if it’s a Spirit and only 60 seconds if it’s a Demon).
  • If it’s a Yurei, it will not roam for 60 seconds since it will be locked in its favorite room.
  • Smudging the room makes the ghost more active for 90 seconds.

Using During a Hunt

  • Lighting it during a hunt will disorient/ blind the ghost for a few seconds giving you time to hide while it wanders randomly.
  • Smudging does not prevent Cursed Hunts nor stop a regular ongoing hunt that’s already started.
  • Make sure to smudge the ghost near the hiding spot but not in it since the goal is to reach your hiding spot while the ghost is blind and before the smudging effect wears off.

Hunt Prevention Duration

  • Decide and take action quickly as the stick burns only for 6 seconds.
  • The hunt prevention duration/timer of 60, 90, or 180 starts right after the stick fully burns up. So be mindful of that.
  • If you try to burn another Smudge Stick before the current hunt prevention duration has expired, it will not extend the prevention duration.

Completing Optional Objectives With Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks are also used to complete two of the Optional Objectives in Phasmophobia:

  • Cleanse the area near the ghost using Smudge Sticks.
  • Repel the Ghost with a Smudge Stick while it’s chasing someone.

For the objective “Cleanse the area near the ghost using Smudge Sticks” – just light it up within 6 meters radius of the ghost before a hunt.

For the objective “Repel the Ghost with a Smudge Stick while it’s chasing someone” – smudge the ghost during the hunt and within the ghost’s line-of-sight of the player. This will make the ghost blind and save your buddy during that hunt.

And that is all you need to know about how to use Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia. Check out other interesting Phasmophobia guides and articles:

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