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Phasmophobia: Official Trello Roadmap Link

Phasmophobia Official Trello Roadmap Link

Kinetic Game’s Phasmophobia is a spine-tingling, multiplayer game that has created a lot of excitement ever since it came out. It gives players an immersive experience like being in a horror movie where they work as paranormal investigators with teammates. Many players and fans keep their eyes peeled for new development previews, news, and announcements from the developers. Hence, the developers frequently update the community on future expectations and have shared part of their game development Trello board with the public. Read on to find out more about this official Trello roadmap link for Phasmophobia.

Official Trello Roadmap Link for Phasmophobia

The Phasmophobia developers have shared an official Trello roadmap link with the community. It’s a treasure trove of updates, providing a thorough rundown of the various features and improvements in the game.

The official Trello roadmap also gives you details about the major and minor updates released or yet to be released. It also gives an estimated timeline for implementation for the updates in progress. It also shows the features they’re currently testing, and bug fixes that the players reported through their Steam and Discord community.

Not only that, but they also share what features they’ve backlogged so that you’re completely updated regarding game development progress. Apart from Trello updates, Kinetic Games has been actively engaged with the community through social media like Twitter and Discord platforms.

This interaction unites the community, fuels excitement, and reinforces the amazing horror gaming experience. For the community, the roadmap has become a source of excitement and engagement. It sparks lively discussions and speculation, fostering a sense of camaraderie as players discuss each upcoming feature.

If you have been an active part of the Phasmophobia community, then you’re already a stakeholders in the game’s growth. With all this engagement and regular updates, the game’s creators showcase their dedication to crafting an unparalleled horror gaming experience.

And that is all you need to know about the link to the Phasmophobia Trello page. Check out other interesting Phasmophobia guides and articles:

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