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Phasmophobia: How to Get Money Fast

Phasmophobia How to Get Money Fast

Phasmophobia is an indie horror game that challenges your courage and investigative skills. Whether you embark on the bone-chilling missions alone or with up to three friends, your objective remains the same: explore haunted locations to gather evidence and figure out the ghost type. But, if you’re playing Phasmophobia to earn money fast and finish the investigations later, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will reveal the secrets to farming money faster, so that you’ll have accumulated more with just a few contracts. With more money, you’ll be able to buy better equipment especially if you lost them because you were killed.

Getting Money Fast in Phasmophobia

You can get money fast in Phasmophobia through some tried and tested ways such as:

  • Capturing photos
  • Completing the Optional Objectives
  • Completing the Daily and Weekly tasks
  • Completing the Weekly Challenges
  • Setting custom difficulty
  • Difficulty multiplier

Capturing Photos

The easiest and fastest way to earn money in Phasmophobia is by taking photos. When capturing photos remember the following:

  • Take clear, close-up, 3-star photos of ghosts and also those appearing on the D.O.T.S. Projector, bone, burned crucifix after 1 or 2 uses (max. 4 crucifixes per contract), dirty water in the sink, salt pile (when a ghost steps in it), ghost writing, the dead body of a player, ghost interaction, fingerprints, and cursed possessions.
  • Of all the 3-star photo rewards, the highest is $20 for taking a ghost photo; followed by $10 for used crucifix, bone, and dirty water; and $5 for the rest of the things mentioned above.

Tips for Photo Rewards:

  • Photos are not affected by the difficulty multiplier selected.
  • One photo per item will be counted towards a reward. For example, you cannot take two bone photos and yield the reward twice, you will only get it once (except crucifix and dirty water).
  • The highest amount of money you can earn from photo rewards is $110 per contract by taking the following photos: 1 Ghost, 1 Bone, 4 Burned Crucifix, and 4 Dirty Water (relatively difficult).
  • The second highest photo reward of $70 by: 1 Ghost, 1 Bone, 1 Burned Crucifix, 1 Dirty Water, salt pile, ghost interaction, fingerprints, and cursed possessions (relatively easier).
  • Taking a picture of the bone and collecting it grants more rewards when playing on larger maps: Large – $30; Medium – $20; Small – $10.

Completing Optional Objectives

You can earn quick cash by completing all three Optional Objectives. These are shown on the whiteboard inside the van in a contract.

Completing the Daily and Weekly Tasks

Thankfully, you also have another easier option of earning money fast by finishing certain Daily and Weekly tasks. You will find them in the main menu board, and on clipboards in the lobby and inside the van. Daily and Weekly Tasks are updated at midnight UTC every day.

Daily Tasks will reap cash rewards from $30 to $50. Whereas the Weekly Tasks have a cash reward of $100.

Completing the Weekly Challenges

You can complete the Challenge Mode in a specified map and earn $3000 in cash rewards. This is not an easy challenge and is recommended for intermediate to pro players.

This task is present within the Weekly Task board, but the map name and challenges change every week. In a Weekly Challenge, you will get unique tasks such as identifying a ghost three times.

Setting Custom Difficulty

Phasmophobia Custom Difficulty 15x Multiplier
Screenshot by Raider King

You can also set your own Custom Difficulty mode to get more money fast. You can set the Player, Ghost, and Contract parameters to get the Rewards Multiplier accordingly. For example, Heavy Rain Reward Multiplier gives .03x towards the multiplier. Zero Sanity, Zero Evidence can get you a Reward Multiplier of 8.9x.

You can also play the Apocalypse Challenge I, II, and III to reap from the cash rewards multiplier and earn Trophies. (Warning: Expert players only):

  • Apocalypse Challenge I = 6x multiplier or higher = Bronze Trophy
  • Apocalypse Challenge II = 10x multiplier or higher = Silver Trophy
  • Apocalypse Challenge III = 15x multiplier = Gold Trophy

Difficulty Multiplier

You can play on Phasmophobia’s harder difficulty levels. Higher difficulty yields higher cash rewards. But it also makes the mission harder too.

Each difficulty level has its own Rewards Multiplier. For instance, Amateur: 1x rewards, Intermediate: 2x, Professional: 3x, Nightmare: 4x, and Insanity 6x rewards. The Insanity level is insane even for pro players too, so beware!

Pro Tips to Get Money Fast in Phasmophobia

Here’s a formula you can follow to cash in the highest rewards fast (relatively difficult) in Phasmophobia:

  1. Complete the Optional Objectives in a few contracts along with the max. photo rewards.
  2. Complete the Daily and the Weekly Challenges.
  3. Complete a game with all 4 objectives on at least Professional or Nightmare mode.

If you’d rather follow a strategy that’s easier than the one above you can do the following:

  • Do a couple of contracts just for the photo rewards and leave without completing them.
  • Choose a small map to quickly earn cash rewards since larger maps are difficult and take more time.
  • Don’t bring more equipment to the contract to avoid wasting money on purchasing them or losing them. Using the starter items should be enough especially for quick photo rewards.
  • On Professional mode, after taking photos, just pack up and leave without staying further to identify the ghost. A few photos earn max. $110 per contract, allowing you to amass money quickly.

And that is all you need to know about how to get money fast in Phasmophobia. Check out other interesting Phasmophobia guides and articles:

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