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Gloria Victis: How to Fast Travel

Gloria Victis How to Fast Travel

The map in Gloria Victis is extremely big and it would be impossible to travel from one end to another without losing too many hours of your life. Luckily, the game has a simple fast travel system that you can use to easily get anywhere in your faction’s territory. You can also use a slick method to fast travel to any place you have visited before. So, to help you get where you want on the map, as quickly as possible, here is how you can fast travel in Gloria Victis.

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How to Fast Travel in Gloria Victis

There are four simple methods you can use to fast travel in Gloria Victis:

  • Talk to a Logistician
  • Use an Additional Respawn Point
  • Place a Tent
  • Unstuck to Capital or Close Spawn Point

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The simplest method to get to the frontlines and to the loot zones is to talk to a logistician in any major city or castle. You can find a logistician on the map by looking for a white carriage icon.

Logisticians are usually located right next to stables, which are shown on the map with a white horseshoe.

Gloria Victis How to Fast Travel Logistician
Screenshot by Raider King

If you approach one and talk, you will get to open a map where you can select where you want to fast travel. The places where you can travel are highlighted in white, as shown in the image above.

Depending on how far the location is, there will be a fee for the fast travel between 2 and 4 silver.

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Additional Respawn Point

If you are still at the tutorial on the starter island, there is an easy method to fast travel. On the world map, you will see that there are random green diamonds with yellow outlines on the map. You will need to zoom in a bit to see them.

Click on that location and you can travel there for 3 silver coins. This can be very useful if you found some nice resources while doing the tutorial quests and want to go back for some loot.

Fast Travel in Gloria Victis using a Tent

One of the best ways to fast travel in Gloria Victis is by using a tent. You will probably get a lot of tents if you take part in sieges.

These can be placed anywhere on the map and can be used to fast travel back to them later. They can also be used as respawn points if you go fight during a siege and want a closer fast travel point.

Just open the map after you placed a tent and click on it to go back to it for free. However, remember that you will lose that tent after traveling back to it, so use it with care.

Unstuck Commands

An easy way to fast travel in Gloria Victis to the capital or closest city is by using the unstuck command in the menu.

You just have to open the menu (Esc) and click on one of the “Unstuck to the” buttons, right at the bottom.

This way, you can quickly get back to the capital without having to spend any money or tents.

And that is all you need to know about how to fast travel in Gloria Victis. Check out other interesting Gloria Victis guides and articles:

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