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Palworld: How to Fast Travel

Palworld: How to Fast Travel

Palworld is the latest game from Pocket Pair Inc. Based on the promotion art and gameplay reveals, it’s easy to say it’s just Pokemon with guns, but it is so much more than that. While Palworld does draw elements from Pokemon such as the capture mechanics and typing system, most of the gameplay feels more akin to open-world games like Valheim, Minecraft, and even Breath of the Wild, as the crafting, base-building, and exploration systems may feel very familiar to some players. One gameplay element commonly found in open-world games is fast traveling and in this guide, we will delve into how to fast travel in Palworld.

How to Fast Travel in Palworld

During the game’s opening, you will see a large stone statue that is glowing orange. These statues are called Great Eagle Statues and they serve as fast travel points throughout the open world map.

When you interact with the statue, it will turn blue signifying that you are now free to use this fast travel point to move to other fast travel points you discover in the open world.

Interacting with any unlocked statue will open your map where can freely select which fast travel point you’d like to go to.

Note that fast travel is only possible via fast travel points or your base, and you will not be able to fast travel when opening your map during your exploration. Unlocking fast travel points also awards 1 Technology Point.

Once you hit level 2, unlock the Palbox through the Technology tab, and craft it to establish your base, your Palbox will now serve as another fast travel point that you can use to travel between other discovered fast travel points in the map.

Also, In certain multiplayer games, fast travel can be disabled and not accessible depending on the world settings made by the host.

And that is all you need to know about how to fast travel in Palworld. Check out other interesting Palworld guides and articles:

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