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Palworld: Best Starter Pals

Palworld Best Starter Pals

Since Palworld is a survival monster-capturing game, players will need to get the best possible Pals as fast as possible before the rest of the players around them dominate them completely. SInce there are over a hundred Pals and a lot of potential ones to capture at the start of the game, many will wonder what the best ones to carry around in your party are at the start. Well, there are quite a few powerful choices at the start that will defeat most Pals around the map. In this guide we will tell you which Pal is the best starter in Palworld and which ones to try to catch as quickly as possible.

Best Starter Pals in Palworld


There are a few good choices but the best starter Pal in Palworld is Daedream. This cute little floating Pal has the Dark element, which destroys the Normal Pals.

Palworld Best Starter Pals Daedream
Screenshot by Raider King

Since most of the Pals in the first areas of the game are Normal, Daedream will dominate almost any encounter. If you don’t want to think too much about it then just get 2 to 4 Daedream Pals in your party and change them up to win every fight.

Daedream can only be found during the night around most of the important routes of the starting area. You can usually see this Pal from a distance since it’s a shining purple creature, floating in the darkness.


The second best starter Pal to get in Palworld is Foxparks. This fiery fox will burn most of your enemies while keeping itself at a distance, making sure that it won’t lose easily. You can find Foxparks relatively close to the Grassy Behemoth Hills.

Palworld Best Starter Pals Foxparks
Screenshot by Raider King

The second attack Foxparks learns is a Ground type skill, which will be very useful against the first boss that you will face at the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate.


The last, best starter you can get in Palworld is Pengullet, the Water/Ice Pal that will freeze all your enemies in a couple of hits. Though Pengullet doesn’t have the most useful elements out there, it can freeze and allow you to hit them properly for a few seconds.

Palworld Best Starter Pals Pengullet
Screenshot by Raider King

You can capture Pengullet in the same area as Foxparks, between the Grassy Behemoth Hills and the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate.

It’s also important to note that these Pals aren’t the best for work on your base, so make sure to capture all types of Pals and not just these starters, since their main use will be combat at the start.

And that is all you need to know about the best starter Pals in Palworld. Check out other interesting Palworld guides and articles:

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