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Palworld: Type Chart and Element Weaknesses

Palworld Type Chart and Element Weaknesses

As in most RPGs that have elemental attacks, Palworld has a system where different elements are better against one another. Since it is very similar to Pokémon in many ways, players will need to learn elemental weaknesses and use the right type to win most battles as fast and as efficiently as possible. When you fight many elemental Pals you will likely need to have a type chart ready to always remember which element beats which other. So, in this guide, we will provide you with a visual type chart for Palworld, as you would find it in the game, and a table one to see exactly which elements are weak to each other.

Type Chart for Element Strengths and Weaknesses in Palworld

Here is an image of the type chart with the elemental advantages and weaknesses in Palworld:

Palworld Type Chart
Screenshot by Raider King

Since many players would also like to see a table with this information, here is how to beat all elemental types in the game:

ElementStrong againstWeak against
FireGrass, IceWater

You can tell a Pal’s type by looking at the icons that appear to the left of their name. Once you’ve realized their type, bring out the Pal that will deal the maximum damage with their attacks.

In theory, the Normal type is the worst, since it isn’t strong against any of the other types, while the Fire one is the best since it can beat two types. Still, since most types only have one advantage over the rest, types really aren’t that vital in Palworld, unless you are fighting a boss.

And that is all you need to know about elemental weaknesses and type chart in Palworld. Check out other interesting Palworld guides and articles:

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