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Hollow Knight: Broken Vessel Boss Fight Guide

Broken Vessel Boss in Hollow Knight

Among many exciting bosses, the Broken Vessel is yet another daunting boss in Hollow Knight. Defeating this boss is one challenge but making your way to encounter the Broken Vessel is another. Because this boss is another secret of the game, located in one of the lowest caverns in Hollow Knight. For those players who are stuck with this very boss, worry no more because we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will be helping you with everything you need to know in order to find and defeat the Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight. So without wasting any time, let’s dive right into it.

Broken Vessel Location in Hollow Knight

The Broken Vessel is located deep down to the leftmost side of the Ancient Basin. To get there, firstly you can head down from the entrance of the Ancient Basin.

Now you will find yourself in this huge chamber area as shown on the map. Move to the left-down corner of this chamber and keep heading left to get to the bench. Use the bench to get your health up because you will be in need of it soon.

Path to Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight
Screenshot by Raider King

After that, move to the left side of the bench and this is where you will have to use the crystal heart ability. If you do not have this ability already then consider obtaining it first. Because it will be impossible to cross this area without it.

After crossing the spikes area, all you have to do now is make your way around the map (as shown in the image) to get to the Broken Vessel.

How to Defeat the Broken Vessel Boss in Hollow Knight

Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight
Screenshot by Raider King

There are numerous attacks that Broken Vessel can use on the players. Here we have mentioned all of those attacks and how you can counter them:

  • Slash: The Broken Vessel will dash forward and then slash its nail. This attack is very quick and can be difficult to dodge. However, as soon as you see the Broken Vessel leaning back, move away because that is when it will dash forward. Right after this attack Broken Vessel will pause for a second and that is the time when you counterattack.
    Also, make sure not to move too far away from the boss, because you will then miss out on the opportunity to counterattack. He will also use a slash attack in mid-air. For that, move towards where the Broken Vessel is about to land and avail another opportunity to counterattack.
  • Head Bob: The Broken Vessel will bob its head back and forth. This will release orange blobs from the ground. There is no way to counter-attack this attack. So just simply move away from the boss and avoid getting hit by blobs. You can use charms like Joni’s Blessing to give your health a boost because this attack is undeniably the most difficult one.
  • Jump Strike: The Broken Vessel will jump mid-air and then strike right under it on the ground. This will release 4 blobs in the outward direction so it is best to stay close to the Broken Vessel during this attack. Once again, the boss will pause after this attack and this is the right time to counterattack.
  • Flail: The boss will swing its nail around four times. It’s best to keep a distance from the Broken Vessel during this attack. You can heal yourself up during this attack or maybe use a ranged attack like Vengeful Spirit to deliver some more damage.

Quick Tip: The Broken Vessel will randomly spawn some enemies during the fight. Do make sure that you take them down as soon as possible. Because they can become a bit overwhelming if you allow them to be.

Additionally, after defeating the Broken Vessel, make your way to the left. You will find the double jump ability right in the next room so congratulations on that as well.

And that is all you need to know about how to defeat the Broken Vessel in Hollow Knight. Check out other interesting Hollow Knight guides and articles:

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