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Gloria Victis Review

In the last decade, when players think about MMOs, the first words that might come to mind are grind, repetitive, and lackluster. Most MMOs don’t try anything new and they don’t try to stand out in any way. They rely mostly on pretty graphics and basic gameplay mechanics that have existed in the genre for years. However, Gloria Victis is an MMO that tries some new things out and the result is fun and messy. In this review of Gloria Victis, we will take each part of waht makes an MMO fun, and decide if this game is worth your money or not.

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Graphics – 6.5/10

Since many people nowadays care a lot about graphics, I will start by saying that there is nothing impressive here. Eastern MMOs usually rely on great graphics to impress new players to join. Gloria Victis also looks like it tried its best to look good, but the overall result is just decent. Graphics-wise, Gloria Victis looks alright. It isn’t anything to write home about.

The characters are relatively ugly, but since you won’t see any other face besides yours, that won’t be a problem. The towns, castles, and fortresses are one of the best parts of the game, as the architecture is very beautiful for all the factions. However, the textures look like they belong in the 2010s.

Gameplay – 7/10

Any review of Gloria Victis should tell you that the game is incredibly grindy. If you play a lot of MMOs, then this might not seem surprising. On the other hand, combat is very fun. And since combat is all that actually matters in Gloria Victis, we can give the grind a pass for now. The combat is very similar to the one in Mount & Blade games, you have four directions that you can attack from, and you have to use your mouse to choose one. When defending, you also have to choose the general direction in which you want to defend.

This combat mechanic might be very hard if the game didn’t show you exactly which way your opponent is targeting from as well. Battles are usually decided by the reflexes and combat experience of the players, rather than their gear or level. In a one-on-one, even a level 1 player has a chance against a level 100 player. And this can be often seen in castle sieges, as rookie players fight and defeat veteran players through skill or sheer number.

The only part of the gameplay that is lackluster is the gathering of resources and crafting. Crafting is very often disabled due to upcoming updates or lag, so you very often don’t even have the ability to access it. Also, resources take a really long time to gather. You will spend hours just hitting rocks with your pickaxe to make a below average weapon.

The last important part of gameplay is the “Character Development” mechanic, which allows you to learn new things by doing them. You can learn the ability to wear tier 3 armor after you’ve worn tier 2 armor through many battles. Though this is a decent way to stop players from instantly reaching end-game content, it also promotes the endless grind.

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PVE – 6/10

The PVE (Player VS Environment) might be the weakest part of Gloria Victis. You will get a “storyline” at the start of the game where you get to explore your faction’s main island. Players get to level up their character by fighting a lot of boring NPCs. Though the combat mechanics are very entertaining, the NPCs are not. They don’t really do much and usually die in one to two hits.

There are some NPCs here and there that can be annoying since they can occasionally stun lock you for a while. Bosses are also relatively weak. They have interesting attacks sometimes and the battles can be interesting if you are solo, but with the help of a single player, NPC battles become a breeze.

The quests are extremely uninteresting, and they become increasingly repetitive as time passes by. It seems that the main idea of quests is to just help you level up so you can get faster to PVP, which is by far the best part of Gloria Victis. The “main quest” also works as a long tutorial for players to slowly learn all of the game’s mechanics, if they don’t get bored halfway through.

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PVP – 9/10

The war mechanics and arena in Gloria Victis make this game worth it. There are three factions in the game and each one of them is fighting for supremacy on the world map. In this world, there are around 30 castles that players will fight for and will spend most of their time sieging. You will usually get a notification every time a faction is attacking one of your castles or when your kingdom is mobilizing to conquer a new castle.

When this happens, you can go there and just fight to the death with hundreds of other players. You will have to slowly conquer castles by taking over their farmlands and mines, using siege machinery. However, most players ignore the existence of siege machinery and just destroy the gates of the castles they are trying to conquer using axes and swords.

To conquer a castle or any other smaller settlement, you have to take down the flag at the top of the fortress and replace it with your own. If you are part of a guild, your guild will take over that castle and get to build various upgrades there. During your Gloria Victis experience, you will mostly try to conquer the castles of the other factions and bring down gates left and right.

If mass combat is not your cup of tea, there is also an arena where you can fight one-on-one battles to the death. This is the best way to train and get used to the combat mechanics if you haven’t done so through the game’s tutorial.

Performance – 6/10

Either due to crowded servers or due to bad optimization, Gloria Victis has a lot of performance problems. If you ever try playing on one of the main servers, you will find yourself lagging very often. Playing on less populated servers fixes this problem, but also takes away some of the fun. The best part about Gloria Victis is the mass battles to take over castles, and they are a lot more entertaining the more players are active.

Due to server overpopulation, there are also problems with the crafting mechanics, as the developers seemingly stop them for long periods of time, pausing players from making any materials or equipment. Though this might seem like a problem that will probably be fixed in time, either due to the developers’ efforts or due to the game’s population reduction, this is still a problem that can take away from the players’ enjoyment. Things might change, but this review of Gloria Victis will always remind players of what the game was like at release.

Fun and Enjoyment – 9/10

Though Gloria Victis is a bit of a mess, you can see that the developers have poured their hearts into this game. The PVP is extremely fun, and you can easily lose track of time as you spend hours taking and retaking castles from the other two factions. The community is also extremely helpful and will be there for you on the battlefield.

If you just want to have a good time, get Gloria Victis with a few friends and just conquer territories left and right. Even if you might lose here and there, the time you spent playing won’t be wasted. There are many rewards that you can get from the PVP battles and a lot of better equipment to get from your enemies.


Gloria Victis Review

Gloria Victis Official Website

A fun PVP game overall with a lot of performance problems.

Graphics 7
Gameplay 7
Performance 6
Enjoyment 9

Based in Munich, Germany, Adrian Oprea is the Founder of Raider King. He is a writer with a passion for storytelling and a love for all things RPG. When not wielding a keyboard, he can be found exploring fantastical worlds, one quest at a time.
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