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Gloria Victis: Best Bow / Archer Class Build

Gloria Victis Best Bow Archer Class Build

It’s normal that you would want to play as an archer in a medieval combat game. Though most tanks in Gloria Victis can stop your bow and arrows build by just holding up their shield, you can still deal a lot of damage to the two handed players. Though bows might seem weak at the start, they can deal incredible amounts of damage to unsuspecting players. So, to make sure that you dominate the battlefield, here is the best bow build to use for your archer class in Gloria Victis.

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Best Bow Build in Gloria Victis

Optimal Attribute Spread for Archers

Let’s first start with the best attributes/stats for a bow build in Gloria Victis:

  • Strength – 100
  • Constitution – 175
  • Dexterity – 275

As a bow archer, your most important attribute by far is Dexterity. This stat directly affects how powerful your arrow shots are, so making sure that it is off the charts is very important.

Constitution is also necessary if you don’t want to instantly die. Strength is a weird one since it helps build up Stamina and also protects you from slashing attacks. Since light armor doesn’t really protect you from those types of attacks, you can’t leave Strength at 80.

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Best Skills for a Bow Build in Gloria Victis

The next important part is the skills. A bow archer build has to use the most skills that increase headshot damage and armor penetration. Here are the skills that you should get and their respective levels, in the order you can get them, for the bow build:

  • Marksman – 5
  • Athlete – 10
  • Breath Control – 10
  • Dirty Fighting – 10
  • Finesse – 10
  • Huntsman – 10
  • Veteran – 10
  • Bullseye – 10
  • What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger – 10
  • Sting – 10
  • Not On My Watch – 5

All of these skills should make sure that your arrows are as lethal as possible and that you will be able to survive encounters with most melee players. With these skills, you should be fast enough to escape most fighters easily and also shoot some arrows in the meantime.

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Best Armor Set for Archers in Gloria Victis

When it comes to armor, all we can talk about is how you match up light, medium, and heavy armor.

If you want to be an agile bow archer, you should match 6 light armor pieces. However, if you still want some defense to survive close encounters with melee fighters, you should match 4 light with 2 medium armor pieces.

This will get you the bonus for light armor while also allowing you to resist more attacks and fight without worrying about dying instantly. For melee, yes, you can use a dagger, but a 2h sword would usually be better if you actually want to kill someone.

And that is all you need to know about the best bow /archer class build in Gloria Victis. Check out other interesting Gloria Victis guides and articles:

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