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Gloria Victis: Best Spear Build

Gloria Victis Best Spear Build

There are many types of weapons you can choose to main in Gloria Victis, but probably the most broken one has to be the spear. In a war setting (a siege), the spear is by far the most powerful weapon. Its great reach allows you to fight all of the enemies while standing behind a line of fighters. However, it won’t be as powerful as you want it to be if you don’t get the right attributes and skills. So, here is the best spear build you can have in Gloria Victis, telling you exactly what armor, attributes, and skills to get.

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Best Spear Build in Gloria Victis

Optimal Attribute Spread for Spears

Let’s first start with the best attributes/stats for a spear build in Gloria Victis:

  • Strength – 275
  • Constitution – 185
  • Dexterity – 80

As a spear fighter, your most important attribute by far is Strength. Spears damage increases only with the help of Strength. If you want to deal real damage, then make sure to get at least 250 in it.

Constitution is also necessary if you don’t want to die in two hits, want a lot of Stamina, to resist those incoming attacks, and resist slashing attacks properly.

Dexterity would only help you reduce incoming pierce attacks, however, medium to heavy armor will generally protect you from that. If you want to get full medium armor, then maybe also get Dexterity up to 110.

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Best Skills for a Spear Build in Gloria Victis

The next important part is the skills. A spear build has to use either a swing or thrust polearm. Depending on which one you want, you will have to get different skills. Here are the skills that you should get and their respective levels, in the order you can get them, for the pierce/slash damage spear build:

  • Reaper – 5
  • Athlete – 5
  • Strongman – 5 / 10 for Slash
  • Breath Control – 5
  • Dirty Fighting – 5 / 0 for Slash
  • Brute – 10
  • Finesse – 10
  • Huntsman – 10
  • Veteran – 10
  • Breaker – 5 / 10 for Slash
  • What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger – 5
  • Sting – 10 / 5 for Slash
  • Precision – 10
  • Battle Rage – 5

Spear builds are mostly using the battle skills set to the right. Some players might want to try a cavalry build using the spears, but they would just be disappointed. Horses are not that good at the moment in Gloria Victis.

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Best Armor Set for Spear in Gloria Victis

When it comes to armor, all we can talk about is how you match up light, medium, and heavy armor.

If you want to be an unstoppable spear fighter, you should match 4 medium armor pieces with 2 heavy ones. Otherwise, you will most likely suffer a lot of damage from bows and other pierce spearmen.

This will get you the bonus for medium armor while also allowing you to resist more attacks and fight without worrying about arrows.

And that is all you need to know about the best spear build in Gloria Victis. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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