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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Cactuar Locations

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Cactuar Locations

When the party visits Costa del Sol in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the player will almost immediately be overwhelmed with quests to obtain tickets that can be exchanged for swimsuits. One of these quests will see the player run around the city as Tifa and Aerith as they hunt down graffiti of four cactuars. While some of these graffiti may pop out at the player, others can be very difficult to find. It doesn’t help that the sketch map you obtain at the beginning of the quest is far from helpful. if you are also having trouble finding them, here are the cactuar graffiti locations in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

Cactuar Locations in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The four Clactuar locations be found scattered around Costa del Sol. You’ll be given a sketch out map that tells you their vague location upon beginning the quest. When searching for them, you’ll be able to tell when you’re close if you hear nearby NPCs talking about Cactuar sightings or that you’re getting warming. When you spot a Cactuar, press up on your D-pad to take a photo.

Cactuar Location 1

The first Cactuar graffiti can be found in the south eastern portion of Costa del Sol, right before an intersection to a large bridge. This cactuar is incredibly hard to see as it is printed on the side of a fire hydrant. The exact location can be found below.

Cactuar Location 2

You can find the second Cactuar around the ice cream truck where you encountered Yuffie earlier in the chapter. Turn your camera to the sky and you should see the cactuar painted onto the sign of a shop. you can find the exact location via these photos.

Cactuar Location 3

To find the third Cactuar, head on down to the pier section of Costa del Sol. At the end of the pier take out your camera and aim it at a rock in the water, the Cactuar graffiti will be painted onto this boulder. Once again, check the photos provided below for reference.

Cactuar Location 4

The final Cactuar can be found in the western section of Costa del Sol. Directly south of the hotel Johnny owns you will see some cliffs, look up and take your camera out to spot the final Cactuar graffiti painted against one of these rocks.

After finding the final Cactuar graffiti you will have completed the quest, allowing you to now focus on the myriad of other duties you have to perform in order to obtain your precious swimsuits.

And that’s all you need to know about the Cactuar locations in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Check out other interesting Final Fantasy VII Rebirth guides and articles.

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