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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Flowers From the Hill Quest Guide

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Flowers From the Hill Quest Guide

Square Enix’s newest JRPG, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth takes the gameplay formula of Final Fantasy VII Remake and transplants it into a new open-world setting. Naturally, this had caused a reworking of the sidequest system. No longer will you be walking a mere few feet to examine an object before walking back to the quest. Now quests will send you all around our green planet to do tasks for people! That has naturally caused many people to need assistance on these quests, if you’re one of those people then here is a guide for the Flowers From the Hill quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

Flowers From the Hill Quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

To complete the Flower From the Hill quest you’ll need to travel to a large hill overlooking Midgar and collect some flowers. This quest will become available immediately after completing the Chocobo tutorial, just talk to Chloe to begin the quest.

Chloe will explain to you that she wants to construct a flower crown for her, but there are monsters in the area where the flowers are located. Before taking the job, you can ask for more info about Chloe and her brother’s family situation. Giving this quest some extra emotional stake.

The flowers on the hill are very far away, nearly 100m. So get on your Chocobo and prepare for a long journey. You’ll need to pass through Kalm again on your way to it, but don’t go on the highway as it’s a dead end. You’ll need to take the road underneath the highway instead.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Flowes From the Hill Quest Guide
Screenshot by Raider King

When you arrive you’ll get into a fight with 12 Mandroga. Each individual enemy here is weak, but if they gang up on a single character they’ll chop through their health like it’s nothing. Try exploring their weakness to fire and blizzard spells as those attacks will hit multiple enemies at a time.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Flowes From the Hill Quest Guide
Screenshot by Raider King

After defeating all the enemies, you’ll get to choose which flowers to pick for the flower crown. Which flowers you choose won’t affect the final outcome of the quest but it is humorous to imagine a crown of foxtails.

After picking the flowers, fast-travel back to the Chocobo ranch and talk to Chloe for your reward. Completing the Flowers from the Hill quest will grant you:

  • Telluric Scriptures vol 1, which will automatically grant Aerith 10 extra skill points
  • 3 pearl ginger roots
  • 3 sprigs of marjoram
  • 10 party EXP
  • 400 regular EXP
  • Extra relationship points with Aerith

And that’s all you need to know about the Flowers From the Hill quest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Check out other interesting Final Fantasy VII Rebirth guides and articles.

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