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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Quetzalcoatl Location

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Quetzalcoatl Location

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s large open world is filled to the brim with side quests, intel for Chadley, and items which can be gathered to transmute new equipment. While most of the time these aspects of the game remain segregated from each other, there are a few examples of quests which will combine these aspects of the game. One of these quests is Where the Wind Blows, which requires the player to find and defeat a Quetzalcoatl. As there is no info on how to find this enemy until you have already found it, here is a guide on where to find the Quetzalcoatl location in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

Quetzalcoatl Location in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Finding the Quetzalcoatl is part of the Where the Wind Blows quest. To begin this quest you must first complete the Livestock’s Bane quest and then speak to Broden in Kalm. You’ll be tasked with constructing a windmill gear with your item transmuter. Transmuting these items requires the following materials:

  • 1 Quetzalcoatl Talon
  • 2 chunks of Iron ore
  • 1 chunk of Lea Titanium
  • 5 Beast Bines

While you may find most of these materials naturally, the Quetzalcoatl Talon needs a fair bit of work to find, as the Quetzalcoatl enemy will not even spawn until you interact with the World Expedition 5: Makoto Pipeline Lifespring. The exact location of which can be found below.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Quetzalcoatl Location
Screenshot by Raider King

Once you interact with this pipeline, Chadley will call you to say he has found the location of a Quetzalcoatl nest nearby. Head to the location he specifies (Which will be marked on the map once spawned) and prepare yourself for a fight.

Quetzalcoatl Boss Fight in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The Quetzalcoatl is weak to blizzard so prep your party with correct Materia for the situation. The boss is very fast and jumps around quickly, making it hard to dodge and roll out of the way. Prioritize trying to block attacks as opposed to dodging them.

Bringing ranged characters like Aerith and Barret may help you in this fight, as they are less likely to he caught up in the Quetzalcoatl’s attacks. The boss is also vulnerable to poison, so use your Bio materia on it if possible.

Once you have defeated the Quetzalcoatl you will receive the talon you need to complete the Where the Wind Blows quest. After obtaining the materials you need, constructing the windmill gear, and delivering them to Mildred you will have completed the quest and obtain the following rewards.

  • A Whistlewind Scarf accessory
  • 10 Party EXP
  • Relationship points to deepen your bond with Red XIII

And that’s all you need to know about the Quetzalcoatl’s location in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Check out other interesting Final Fantasy VII Rebirth guides and articles.

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