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Palworld: Best Ore Farm Locations

Palworld Best Ore Farming Locations

In Palworld, ore is as valuable as gold. During all stages in your playthrough, especially mid and late-game, ingots become one of the most common components in most crafting recipes. Some critical crafting recipes include tool upgrades, weapons and firearms, higher-level Pal Spheres, item production assembly lines, and more. Due to the value of ores, it is important to have quick and easy access to ore farm locations so that you can craft large quantities of ingots. Having bulk amounts of ingots is incredibly important as it will enable you to craft higher-tier recipes that require a high number of ingots despite the amount of time it takes to farm and smelt ores. This guide will show you 3 of the best ore farming locations in Palworld.

Best Ore Farm Locations in Palworld

Each of these 3 ore locations is easily accessible to all players. A quick note each location has 8 ore nodes with each node yielding a maximum of 40 ores. With this in mind, each location has the potential to yield 320 ores which, after some smelting, is 160 ingots.

Be sure to keep your inventory cleared as much as possible as stacks of ores weigh a lot and you can quickly be over-encumbered if you don’t keep an eye on your weight.

Ore Location #1

The first ore location can be found behind the Desolate Church which is northwest overlooking the Rayne Syndicate Tower. This ore location is the most accessible to all players and since it is near a fast travel point, you can efficiently farm this ore spot and travel back to your base if needed.

Palworld Best Ore Farming Locations
Screenshot by Raider King

Ore Location #2

The second ore location can be found southwest of the Small Settlement. If you cross the bridge overlooking the Small Settlement, you can take a left and travel along the edge of the cliffs until you reach a clearing with the ore spot in view.

Palworld Best Ore Farming Locations
Screenshot by Raider King

Ore Location #3

The third ore location can be accessed straight from the Mount Flopie Summit fast travel point. Simply head north from the fast travel point until you reach a drop from the cliff face. The ore spot will be directly at the bottom of the cliff.

Palworld Best Ore Farming Locations
Screenshot by Raider King

And that is all you need to know about the best ore locations in Palworld. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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