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Palworld: How to Farm Pal Fluids

Palworld How to Farm Pal Fluids

Upon defeat, Pals can drop several useful materials that serve as key components for crafting. For example, Pals like Lamball and Melpaca can drop wool used for crafting armor and Pal Gear, and Pals such as Foxsparks and Sparkit drop organs belonging to their respective elements which are critical for crafting infrastructure such as a Furnace or Power Generator. One extremely useful material is Pal Fluids, which are dropped from Water-type Pals found throughout the map in areas such as coasts and lakes. Pal fluids are used in recipes such as Hot Springs, which are required to maintain the Sanity levels of each of your Pals assigned to your base. If your Pals’ Sanity falls too low, they become depressed which heavily decreases your Pals’ ability to perform tasks for you. This guide will walk you through the best way to farm Pal Fluids in Palworld.

How to Farm Pal Fluids in Palworld

The most straightforward way to farm Pal Fluids in Palworld would be to find coastal areas or lakes and defeat Water-Type Pals. However, there is one area with a high spawn rate of Water-Type Pals within close vicinity to each other, making Pal Fluids much easier to farm.

This area is called Gobfin’s Turf, and it is located in the central northeast of the map. the area’s namesake Pal Gobfin is scattered throughout the area and their high spawn rate makes farming Pal Fluid much easier.

Palworld How to Farm Pal Fluids
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The main caveat of this farming location is that it can be quite dangerous. In sheer numbers, Gobfin can be quite troublesome and since they commonly travel in groups, Gobfin can gang up on you and kill you if you are not careful or do not have an Electric-type Pal with you.

If you can fend off the hordes of Gobfin, you will be rewarded with a generous amount of Pal Fluid drops which you can use towards your Hot Springs and later during your playthrough cement, which become a main component in higher-tier structures and Pal Spheres.

And that is all you need to know about how to farm Pal Fluid in Palworld. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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