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Palworld: How to Keep Pals From Getting Depressed

Palworld How to Prevent Pals from Getting Depressed

Pals will be doing the majority of the work at your base in Palworld. Work will involve, but is not limited to, harvesting and gathering resources, cooking and refining ores, watering crops, and crafting. Even though Pals will be doing most if not all important tasks at your base, it is important not to overwork them and monitor their Sanity levels. As Pals work, their Sanity levels lower. Without proper food, rest, and care, their Sanity levels will continue to drop until they reach 0. Once their Sanity level reaches 0, they will likely acquire the “depressed” status. When Pals become depressed, they will be unwilling to work and the status cannot be removed without High-Level Medicine which can only be obtained through crafting or through buying from merchants. The worst thing to come back to after logging back into Palworld is all of your Pals left working on your base being depressed, leaving the only options being to craft or purchase High-Level Medicine for each of your Pals or to go out and find replacements since they’ll be unwilling to work. This guide will show you how to keep your Pals from getting Depressed in Palworld.

How to Keep Pals From Getting Depressed in Palworld

Palworld How to Prevent Pals from Getting Depressed
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Since the only way to remove depression once it is acquired is through High-Level Medicine, this guide will go into a few preventative measures you can take to keep your Pal’s Sanity levels high and avoid depression.

Keep Your Feeder Box Full

One way to prevent depression is to keep your Feeder Box full. Pals become hungry after working and if Pals continue to grow hungry, their Sanity levels will drop, and will become unwilling to perform tasks until they inevitably acquire depression.

To keep your Feeder Box full, it is important to have several berry and crop plantations active as Pals will automatically attempt to stock your Feeder Boxes with berries, wheat, and other crops. You can increase the amount of hunger recovered by Pals by cooking berries or refining wheat into flour to make bread.

Keep in mind that as you level up your base and unlock more base slots for Pals, you will need to increase the amount of food available to your Pals. Be sure to increase the number of plantations to accommodate more Pals or keep an eye out for berries during exploration.

Have an Adequate Number of Beds

Another way to prevent depression is to have enough beds where each of your Pals can sleep comfortably. The game even states that Pals without beds become stressed, which translates to their Sanity levels dropping and eventually to the point of depression.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs are unlocked at level 9 through the Technology tab for 2 points. After working, Pals can use the Hot Spring to recover Sanity points preventing them from becoming depressed. Having multiple Hot Springs will only increase this benefit by being available to more Pals.

Place Pals into Palbox Before Logging Out

The final and most surefire way to prevent your Pals from getting depressed is placing them into the Palbox before you log out of the game. It may seem a bit extra, but being the Palbox will ensure that Pals will not grow hungry or tired from potentially being overworked.

And that is all you need to know about how to keep Pals from getting depressed in Palworld. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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