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Palworld: Best Pals for Your Base

Palworld Best Pals For Base 1

With over 100 Pals currently available in Palworld, it can be difficult to choose which Pals to utilize for your base. Luckily, the large number of Pals offers a great amount of diversity in terms of their skills and even low-level and early-game Pals offer great value when being stationed at your base. Pal skills are intended to and often do complement each other for example if you place a Pal that has the Mining skill to collect stone and ores, it would be a good idea to place a Pal that has the Transport skill to take those freshly mined resources and place them in storage. This guide will break down some of the best Pals you should keep at your base in Palworld based on accessibility and utility.

Best Pals for Your Base in Palworld

Based on accessibility and utility, the best Pals you should keep at your base are:

  • Lamball
  • Lifmunk
  • Foxsparks
  • Pengullet
  • Cattiva
  • Daedream
  • Penking

Each of these Pals provides a lot of value for your base. While some of them have skills intended for a specific task, most of them have skills that are utilized across multiple aspects of your base such as crafting, transporting, and gathering resources.


Palworld Best Pals For Base 2
Screenshot by Raider King

Lamball will assist you in crafting, and transporting materials, and can be placed on the farm to produce wool used in many crafting recipes. While Lamball will most likely be replaced later in your playthrough, it has high early-game utility since it is very commonly available.


Palworld Best Pals For Base 3
Screenshot by Raider King

Lifmunk possesses both Planting and Lumbering skills along with Handiwork, Gathering, and even Medicine Production. This Pal fills many different roles in your base making it a top-tier pick for early game and is relevant even in mid to late-game playthroughs.


Palworld Best Pals For Base 4
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Foxsparks will predominantly use its Kindling skill for cooking which is important since it will prevent you and your Pals from being hungry. Without food, Pals will have their Sanity reduced until they become Depressed, reducing their ability to work, making hunger management a top priority, and giving Foxsparks a critical role in your base.


Palworld Best Pals For Base 6
Screenshot by Raider King

Cattiva’s main utility will be for mining,  but it also possesses the Handiwork, Gathering, and Transport skills which can be utilized when Cattiva is not mining. Similar to Lamball, Cattiva is also very widely available allowing you to secure an easy mining pick in early game.


Palworld Best Pals For Base 7
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While Daedream only has the Handiwork, Gathering, and Transport skills, Daedream is still very useful based on the fact that it is both very accessible and nocturnal, meaning it will continue to work, mostly assisting in crafting, at night when your other Pals are asleep.


Palworld Best Pals For Base 8
Screenshot by Raider King

Penking is arguably a universal top-tier pick for your base. It is a direct upgrade to Pengullet and doubles up on all of the same skills but also has the Mining 2 skill, giving it even more versatility. Penking is available in early game as a level 15 Alpha Boss right next to the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings Fast Travel Point.

And that is all you need to know about the best Pals for the base in Palworld. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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