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Palworld: How to Assign Pals to Ranch

Palworld How to Assign Pals to Ranch

Pals have a vast array of applications when assigned to your base. These applications include but are not limited to harvesting resources such as wood and stone, cooking food, planting and watering crops, refining materials, and assisting in crafting. One very useful utility is being assigned to your ranch, where your Pals will graze and drop useful materials for crafting such as wool and eggs, or drop other items such as gold and even Pal Spheres. Having Pals assigned to a ranch will give you a constant stream of highly desired materials without having to collect or craft them yourself, and this guide will show you how to assign your Pals to a ranch in Palworld.

How to Assign Pals to Ranch in Palworld

Assigning Pals to your Ranch is very easy. All you will need is a Ranch obtained by reaching level 5, unlocked through the Technology tab, and a Pal with the Farming skill.

Palworld How to Assign Pals to Ranch
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You can craft the ranch with 50 Wood, 30 Fiber, and 20 Stone. Each of these materials is very common throughout the map and you should be able to craft a ranch with little to no difficulty.

After you craft and place a Ranch and obtain a companion with the Farming skill, assign the Pal to the base through the Palbox and it should automatically make its way toward your ranch. Your Pal should then display the Grazing status, which means that your Pal has successfully been assigned to your ranch.

Occasionally your Pals may into pathing issues and have difficulty finding their way to the ranch. If you run into trouble, you can always pick up your Pals and throw them toward the Ranch which should resolve this issue.

While a Pal is grazing, it will drop materials and items, and each Pal will drop specific types of items. For example, Lamball will drop wool whereas Chikipi will drop eggs, with special Pals such as Mau dropping small amounts of Gold and Vixy which can drop Pal Spheres.

And that is all you need to know about how to assign Pals to the Ranch in Palworld. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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