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Palworld: Best Mining Pal

Palworld Best Ming Pals 1

Pals have many different applications when placed at your base. On top of wood harvesting and food production, another important application is mining, where your Pals will extract stone and ore to be used in crafting. Both stone and especially ore become one of the main components for most crafting recipes. Ingots made through refining ores via a furnace are found in most if not all later-game recipes; stone will also be used in a variety of crafting recipes and a great use will be for crafting stone structures to increase your base’s defense. Being able to quickly harvest stone and ore is incredibly important which starts with having reliable mining Pals for your base. This guide will present two of the best mining Pals in Palworld based on their accessibility and utility for early to mid-game playthroughs.

Best Mining Pals in Palworld

The best mining Pals in terms of accessibility and utility are Fuddler and Tombat with both of these Pals feeling very complimentary to each other. This guide will explain these two picks and why you should add them to your base.


Palworld Best Ming Pals 2
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Fuddler possesses the Handiwork 1 and Transporting skills but will be predominantly using the Mining 1 skill for mining stone. Although there are other readily available Pals, Fuddler mines at a faster speed than other early-game mining Pals such as Rushoar and Cattiva.

Fuddler can commonly be found within lower-level dungeons. However, since dungeons cycle regularly, you may need to attempt multiple dungeon runs to spot Fuddler since the spawns are also random but once you spot Fuddler it is relatively easy to capture.

This Pal can also be found in the desert biome but since this guide is based on accessibility for all players, if you have reached the desert biome you are likely to be a mid to endgame player where there are stronger options available to you in the desert such as Dumud.


Palworld Best Ming Pals 3
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Tombat has the Mining 2 skill which will allow it to both: mine stone at a faster rate than Mining 1 Pals and mine ores. While a strong mining option, Tombat shines during the night as it is nocturnal and will continue to mine when a Fuddler or other mining Pal is asleep.

This Pal can commonly be found only at night all over the map and is easy to capture. If you are a player keen on finding secrets, Tombat can also be hatched from Large Dark Eggs.

And that is all you need to know about the best mining Pal in Palworld. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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