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Life is Strange 2: Can You Save Mushroom? Answered

Life is Strange 2 Can you save Mushroom

There aren’t many companions that will follow Sean and Daniel’s journey to the end. In Life is Strange 2, there is one character that you will try to save no matter what, and that is Mushroom. As this nice and friendly dog will help you along your journey, you might be incredibly shocked when the cougar decides to end their life. So, is there any way you can save Mushroom from ending up in that horrible situation in Life is Strange 2? You can find the answer below.

Does Mushroom Have to Die in Life is Strange 2?

There are a couple of choices that you might think can influence Mushroom’s fate in Life is Strange 2:

  • Open the door.
  • Kill the cougar.

These are the only choices that can relatively influence what happens. Opening the door as Sean might want to make you reload and try something else.

However, even if you don’t open the door for Mushroom to go outside, Daniel will use his powers to open it. So, there is no way to save Mushroom and he will end up dying no matter what you do in Life is Strange 2.

There is another choice that you will face after finding Mushroom, and that is killing the cougar or not. If you kill it, you can give Mushroom a proper burial, which will make Daniel feel a bit better.

On the other hand, if you decide to let it go, it will steal Mushroom’s body to eat it. This will result in Daniel becoming very angry with Sean.

The morally correct choice, if you care about the endings, would be to let the cougar go. However, if you want Daniel to use his powers when it matters, let him take care of the animal.

And that is all you need to know about if you can save Mushroom in Life is Strange 2. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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I’d like to know how both choices influence the ending. Thanks.