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Life is Strange 2: All Endings Guide (Best Ending Ranked)

Life is Strange 2 Best Endings Guide

Life is Strange 2 is a complicated story about two brothers trying to survive. As you spend a lot of time trying to get to Mexico, you will have to make a lot of choices as Sean, and make sure that your brother learns what is right from wrong. These choices might seem irrelevant when you take them, but they will have a huge impact on the story’s ending. So, here are all the 7 endings you can get in Life is Strange 2, how to get each one of them, and which one we consider the best.

All 7 Endings in Life is Strange 2 Ranked

The endings in Life is Strange 2 are decided by the morality of both Sean and Daniel. If you make a lot of morally good choices, Daniel will be morally good, and vice versa.

At the end of the game, you will have to make a morally good or bad choice, and you can get different endings based on what Daniel has learned from you during the playthrough. So, we have noted for each ending if Daniel is moral or immoral, and if your last choice as Sean is moral or immoral.

Here is the list of all the endings for Life is Strange 2, ordered by how “good” they are:

7. Lone Wolf (Sean = Moral, Daniel = Immoral)

In this ending, Sean decides to surrender at the border, but Daniel does not accept his choice. He drives through the blockade, but Sean gets shot during this endeavor.

Sean dies and Daniel becomes a criminal that regrets his actions. This is, by far, the worst ending you can get in Life is Strange 2.

6. Redemption (Sean = Moral, Daniel = Moral)

The only endings where Sean can have a romantic ending is if Daniel is moral. In the Redemption ending, Sean and Daniel give themselves up and Sean serves a prison sentence of 15 years for his “crimes”.

Daniel ends up being raised by his grandparents, and they finally get reunited when Sean finishes his prison sentence.

This is a decent ending, however, without Lyla in it, it is almost as bad as the Lone Wolf ending. Sean ends up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and he misses all of Daniel’s growing years.

5. Redemption – Lyla Ending

To get the Lyla ending in Life is Strange 2, you need to call Lyla in episode one, and also call her again when you are at your grandparents’ house. If you do these two things, and also get the Redemption ending, you will get a variant where Lyla will also be there when Sean gets out of prison.

Though this is better than the normal Redemption ending, it is still really bad. The reasons why it’s bad are still the same, but at least Lyla is there as well.

4. Parting Ways (Sean = Immoral, Daniel = Moral)

It seems that the choice to give yourself up to the border police will always end up in a relatively bad ending. Luckily, choosing to escape to Mexico will always have a better ending.

If Daniel has been taught to do what’s right, he will help Sean escape, but he will jump out of the car and give himself up to the authorities.

He will grow up with his grandparents, the same as in the Redemption ending, but he will get a letter from Sean, showing him in Puerto Lobos. In a way, this means that Daniel ends up with his grandparents, while he keeps in touch with Sean, who is free.

3. Parting Ways – Finn Ending

If Sean and Finn are romantically involved in episode 3, Finn is alive, and Sean didn’t blame him for what happened at the farm, the letter that Daniel will get will have a picture with Sean and Finn in Mexico.

2. Parting Ways – Cassidy Ending

Assuming Cassidy doesn’t hate Sean, she will send him another letter, confirming that she was aware of his escape but still wishes him success in reaching Mexico and, if he keeps his relationship with her, will also supply Sean with her phone number to stay in touch with him.

This will result in the Parting Ways photo being of Sean and Cassidy. This is the second best ending because Cassidy never tried to use Sean in any way, unlike many other characters in the story, and now they get to live a happy life together.

1. Blood Brothers (Sean = Immoral, Daniel = Immoral)

Life is Strange 2 Blood Brothers Ending
Screenshot by Raider King

If both brothers are immoral, they end up in Mexico together and their bond becomes unbreakable. Players will see the brothers living their lives 6 years from the events of the story and some gang members will threaten Sean. Daniel will stop them using his powers, showing that they now use Daniel’s powers to do whatever they want. They seem to be living a relatively good life together in Puerto Lobos.

And that is all you need to know about the endings in Life is Strange 2. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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Rico Scheer

WOW. Sorry, but ranking the endings just like that is not right in my opinion. Each of the 4 main endings has the same right to exist, all have their pros and cons, even the very sad Lone Wolf ending has a deep, big message. Let me mix things up a bit here… For me, the Redemption ending is much more than being innocent in prison. I love the higher message there. It’s the altruistic sacrifice Sean makes so his younger brother can have a normal life. The principle of making that choice, completely unaffected by all the hate and injustice the brothers had to go through and not asking his little brother to hurt or kill more people in this impasse. It’s about knowing that Sean’s life will never be normal whether Sean decides to cross the border or not, but gaining the insight and self-reflection that Daniel’s life can be normal, if he chooses to do the “right” thing to do. Like Daniel’s graduation, first job, college, relationships, etc.” It’s all based on Sean putting his little brother above himself and allowing him to have a complete normal life, without monitored. Sure, the Parting Ways ending is a good compromise for both of them too, but it still casts the shadow of the past on the brothers in the long run, as Daniel is under surveillance and Sean is still wanted and needs to continue in hiding. And the fact that the brothers are separated is not even the bad thing about it for me. Siblings go their separate ways at some point in life. Really, I wanted so badly that they reach Mexico, but not under the circumstances that the game gives us. Blood Brothers is always celebrated like that by many, but I find it too… Read more »


I totally agree!