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Hollow Knight: Can you Save Myla? Answered

Hollow Knight Character Myla

One thing that completely sets Hollow Knight apart is how it engages its players in its captivating storyline. That is perhaps one of the reasons why this indie game is loved by the gaming community so much. The storyline becomes even more mesmerizing when it is combined with the events of different characters. Myla is one of the characters in Hollow Knight with an interesting story of her own. We all have witnessed how Myla gets infected, but is there any way to save her? In this guide, we will help you with this very question – Can you save Myla in Hollow Knight? Continue reading to find out.

Who is Myla in Hollow Knight?

Myla is a very friendly character in Hollow Knight. She even asks the knight to sing and mine with her. Myla is located at the entrance of Crystal Peaks in Forgotten Crossworlds.

Nevertheless, once you get the Vengeful Spirit and Desolate Dive in Hollow Knight, you will find that Myla’s behavior has changed. She is not as joyful as she was before and struggles to sing. With time she will become more and more infected. She will stop singing and mining, and will just stand and stare.

Moreover, when you get the Crystal Heart in Hollow Knight, Myla will now become your enemy. She will attack you whenever you approach her. Upon killing her you will get 10 Geos. However, killing her is not necessary to complete the game so you can choose not to kill her as well.

How to Save Myla in Hollow Knight

There are two events in Hollow Knight that get Myla infected:

  • Defeating the Soul Master
  • Getting the Crystal Heart

These two events do seem necessary to complete Hollow Knight, however, there is a (difficult) way around that will help you save Myla. To save Myla, you just have to avoid getting the Crystal Heart.

Players need Crystal Heart to reach the location of Monarch Wings. Here is how to reach Monarch Wings without the Crystal Heart:

Hollow Knight Path to Double Jump Location in Ancient Basin
Image via TukGhost

Make your way to the bench in Ancient Basin. To the left of the bench, there is a path full of spikes. Instead of the Crystal Heart, use the down slash and dash to move forward. Keep repeating the down slash and dash moves until you reach the platform in the middle of the path.

Now use the vengeful spirit, this will cause the shadow to approach you from the other side. Get close to the wall on the other side and wait for the shadow to come. Use the down slash to avoid the spikes.

Now, parry onto the shadow, use the mantis claw on the wall, and jump to the other side. Defeat the Broken Vessel and get to the Monarch Wings in the room next to it.

Hollow Knight Path to Double Jump Location in Ancient Basin
Image via TukGhost

When obtaining Isma’s tear, you will once again need the Crystal Heart. Here is how to get Isma’s tear without using Crystal Heart:

Head to the tunnel that crosses the Ancient Basin. Use double jump, dash, parry, and then dash again to reach the other side without using the Crystal Heart. Note that this is a difficult task to complete. Only someone with polished skills and luck can do it.

Hollow Knight Path to Isma's Tear
Screenshot by Raider King

After that, you can wake up the dreamers and defeat the Hollow Knight. This is how you can complete the game and save Myla in Hollow Knight from getting infected.

And that is all you need to know about how to save Myla in Hollow Knight. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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