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Life is Strange 2: How to Save Chris

Life is Strange 2 How to Save Chris

One of the most important characters in Life is Strange 2, episode 2, is the friendly neighbor Chris. Daniel will save his life the first time they meet and will then befriend each other instantly, following that event. Daniel will first lie to Chris, making him think he has superpowers, which will endanger him in the long run. So, how do you save Chris in Life is Strange 2 if he gets hit by the police car? You can find the answer below.

How to Save Chris in Life is Strange 2

There are three different ways Chris’ scenario will end in Life is Strange 2:

  • Chris helps you escape the police using a shortcut through the forest.
  • Chris gets in front of a police car and gets hit by it.
  • Chris gets in front of a police car and gets saved by Daniel.

All of these endings for Chris are decided by two factors:

  • Your morality.
  • Daniel’s acceptance of his powers.

If you always make morally good choices, Daniel will most likely look up to you. This means that if you tell Daniel to tell Chris the truth about his powers, Daniel will listen to you. He will tell Chris, which will result in the first ending, where Chris helps you escape through the shortcut.

However, if you made choices such as stealing from the gas station or killing the cougar, Daniel will not listen to you. He will lie to Chris no matter what you tell him.

Now, if this is your situation, and you prefer doing things a bit more morally gray, then you will have to make Daniel use his powers all the time. If you scold him for saving Chris the first time, he is more likely not to save him when the car almost hits him.

Get him to do things around the house with his powers, and make sure that he uses his powers as often as he can. If you do this, when you run from the police and Chris gets in front of the car, Daniel will save him without thinking.

Be Consistent

So, the main idea would be to be consistent. If you do illegal stuff all the time, but tell Daniel to act morally right and tell Chris the truth, he obviously won’t listen to you. If you tell Daniel not to use his powers all the time, he won’t use them.

Either never use powers and be good, or use them to your advantage. There is no middle ground if you don’t want people such as Chris to get hurt.

And that is all you need to know about how to save Chris in Life is Strange 2. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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