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Killer Frequency: All Songs – Full Soundtrack

Killer Frequency All Songs - Full Soundtrack

Immerse yourself in the chilling ambiance of Killer Frequency as we present to you the complete soundtrack of this haunting game. In this article, we dive into the atmospheric melodies and haunting tunes that accompany your every step. From the spine-tingling compositions that heighten the suspense to the melancholic ‘80s melodies that tug at your heartstrings, we curate a comprehensive collection of the game’s mesmerizing soundtrack. Join us as we unravel the soundtrack that amplifies the immersive experience of Killer Frequency, showcasing the musical mastery that adds depth and emotion to this unforgettable gaming journey.

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List of All the Songs in Killer Frequency – Full Soundtrack

Whether you’re a fan of atmospheric soundscapes or appreciate the power of music in storytelling, the full soundtrack of Killer Frequency is a must-listen.

It showcases the immense talent and dedication of the composers and sound design team, who have created an auditory experience that complements the gameplay and adds an extra layer of immersion to the world of Killer Frequency.

You can find a video with all of the songs below this list.

  1. Blast Processors – 198X
  2. David Scopo – Moonlight
  3. Crying for Help – The Flow
  4. The Late Night Lurkers – If You Dare
  5. Knife and Ez – Stab in the Twilight
  6. Stormriders – The Glam Jam
  7. Smooth – The Word
  8. The Hang-Ups feat the 1984 hit ‘Let Me Go’
  9. Roddy Snatcher – Final Breath
  10. Vice – I’m Coming to Getcha
  11. The Barn Finds – Long Ride Home
  12. Caged Tiger – One Last Goodbye
  13. Credits Song
  14. Decision Mystery
  15. Decision Tension
  16. Tension Loop
  17. Lights Out
  18. Locked Out
  19. Radio Main Theme

Sit back, close your eyes, and let the captivating melodies of Killer Frequency’s full soundtrack transport you to a world where fear and suspense are intertwined. Discover the power of music as it heightens your gaming experience and deepens your connection to the haunting narrative of this extraordinary game.

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