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Killer Frequency: All Hidden Records Locations

Killer Frequency All Hidden Records Locations

Uncover the hidden melodies of Killer Frequency as we embark on a quest to discover all the elusive music records scattered throughout the game. In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with the key to unlocking the “Complete Discography” achievement in Killer Frequency by revealing the precise locations of all four hidden records. From dark corners to forgotten chambers, we leave no stone unturned in our mission to help you uncover these musical gems. Prepare to immerse yourself in the haunting tunes that lurk within the game and ensure your journey through Killer Frequency is accompanied by the full collection of its mesmerizing soundtrack, here are all the hidden records locations.

List of All the Records in Killer Frequency

  1. Blast Processors – 198X
  2. David Scopo – Moonlight
  3. Crying for Help – The Flow
  4. The Late Night Lurkers – If You Dare
  5. Knife and Ez – Stab in the Twilight
  6. Stormriders – The Glam Jam
  7. Smooth – The Word
  8. The Hang-Ups feat the 1984 hit ‘Let Me Go’
  9. Roddy Snatcher – Final Breath (Hidden)
  10. Vice – I’m Coming to Getcha (Hidden)
  11. The Barn Finds – Long Ride Home (Hidden, Story Related)
  12. Caged Tiger – One Last Goodbye (Hidden)

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Locations for All Hidden Records in Killer Frequency

Here is where you can find the locations of all the hidden records in Killer Frequency:

  1. Roddy Snatcher – Final Breath
    • Behind the reception desk on the first floor. Check the side cubby closest to the blue garbage bin (Far right behind the counter, towards the front doors). Crouch down to get the record.
  2. Vice – I’m Coming to Getcha
    • It’s in the staff room. Go all the way to the rear of the room, beyond the kitchen, to the television and arcade game. The record is stashed away on a shelf with binders to the left of the television screen.
  3. The Barn Finds – Long Ride Home (Story Related)
    • Peggy gives you the key to the fire exit door in the alleyway, accessible after Dawn’s second phone call.
  4. Caged Tiger – One Last Goodbye
    • Located in the second drawer of the desk at the end of the basement’s maze of filing cabinets. You may find Clive’s last recording on the same desk.

Once you pick up all of the hidden records, you will get the “Complete Discography” achievement, getting you closer to 100% completion of Killer Frequency.

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