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Gloria Victis: Best Tank Build

Gloria Victis Best Tank Build

One of the best ways to fight in Gloria Victis is by donning the heaviest armor out there and going in as a tank build. Tanks can be incredibly fun in Gloria Victis, as they can be unstoppable in sieges, and they can hold chokepoints in castles by themselves. To make a powerful Tank Build in Gloria Victis, you will need to put the right amount of points in stats and get the perfect skills. Here is the best tank build you can use for your monster of a character in Gloria Victis.

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Best Tank Build in Gloria Victis

Optimal Attribute Spread for Tanks

Let’s first start with the best attributes/stats for a tank build in Gloria Victis:

  • Strength – 185
  • Constitution – 275
  • Dexterity – 80

As a tank, your most important attribute by far is Constitution. You will need a lot of health if you want to survive the huge melees that you will be a part of.

Strength is also necessary if you don’t want to be useless, want a lot of Stamina, resist those incoming attacks, and resist slashing attacks properly.

Dexterity would only help you reduce incoming pierce attacks, however, heavy armor almost nullifies pierce damage, so you won’t need it at all.

Best Skills for a Tank Build in Gloria Victis

The next important part is the skills. A tank has to use a shield since you will have to survive a long time on the frontlines. Here are the skills that you should get and their respective levels, in the order you can get them:

  • Shield Bash – 5
  • Shieldman – 10
  • Vanguard – 10
  • Breath Control – 5
  • Protector – 5
  • Tough One – 10
  • Awareness – 5
  • Evade – 10
  • Veteran – 5
  • You shall not pass – 10
  • Man of Steel – 10
  • What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger – 5
  • Last Stand – 5
  • Unstoppable – 5

You only need to invest in the left side of the skills tree, as that is perfect for a heavy-armored tank. We also go a bit in the middle to get even better resistance to pierce attacks and better stamina.

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Best Armor Set for Tanks in Gloria Victis

When it comes to armor, all we can talk about is how you match up light, medium, and heavy armor.

If you want to be an unstoppable tank, you should match 6 heavy armor pieces. However, if you also want to fight a bit, you can do 4 heavy / 2 medium armor pieces.

This will get you the bonus for heavy armor while also allowing you to move faster and fight without losing all stamina. This build works best with a shield and whatever weapon you want to use. So, avoid 2h weapons at all costs.

And that is all you need to know about the best tank build in Gloria Victis. Check out other interesting guides and articles:

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