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Fate/Grand Order: How to Get Astolfo

Fate/Grand Order: How to get Astolfo

Fate/Grand Order has recently reached a tremendous character count of over 300 servants! Despite this large servant count though, there are a few day 1 characters who have retained their popularity for years. One of these servants is the internet’s beloved Astolfo. While Astolfo debuted in Fate/Apocrypha, most English-speaking fans were introduced to them via Fate/Grand Order. Because of their huge popularity, fans hope to obtain Astolfo every time they open the app. If you are one of those fans, here is how to get Astolfo in Fate/Grand Order!

How to get Astolfo in Fate/Grand Order

Like all Fate/Grand Order characters, Astolfo can only be obtained from the game’s gacha. While Astolfo is technically available from any gacha pull, the chance of obtaining them is slim at best. So it would be in your best interest to save up for an Astolfo Rate-Up banner.

For those of you new to gacha and gacha terminology, a Rate-Up banner is when a character is given a higher than normal chance to be pulled. These often happen whenever a character is first introduced or will be playing a major role in an event. Ordinarily, it is impossible to predict when a gacha will have a character on Rate-Up as the devs can do it at any time.

Fate/Grand Order is unique among gacha games in that because the Japanese version is two years ahead of the English version, we can use some math to determine when any Astolfo banners will occur!

Upcoming Rider Astolfo Banners

If you are trying to get the original 4-Star Rider class version of Astolfo, you will have two chances within the next few years to get them. As they will have banners on the following dates.

Learning with Manga! Collab Prerelease Campaign Pickup Summon [Late-April 2024]

Fate/Grand Order: How to Get Astolfo
Image via Gamepress

At the end of April 2024, Fate/Grand Order will be having an event to collaborate with its gag web manga spinoff Learning with Manga. Before this event begins though, there will be a short banner filled with servants who appeared in Learning with Manga.

During this banner, you will have the chance to obtain several early-game summer servants such as Tamamo, Helena Blavatsky, Marie Antoinette, and Anne Bonny. Alongside them will be Astolfo as well, making this the closest Astolfo banner to pull on!

Spring New Master Campaign 2025 Pickup Summon [Late-March 2025]

Fate/Grand Order: How to Get Astolfo
Image via Gamepress

Yes, if you don’t get Astolfo in the April of 2024 chances are you will have to wait until 2025 to pull for them again. Fate/Grand Order can be a cruel game at times.

During the March of 2025, there will be a banner tied to no specific event with a few popular servants such as Merlin, Gilgamesh, and of course: Astolfo. This banner changes who is on Rate-Up daily so even when it appears you’ll have to wait for your chance.

Upcoming Saber Astolfo Banners

If you are instead the type of person who is trying to pull for Astolfo’s 5-Star Saber class alt, then you also have exactly two banners to be saving for in the future. 

While Saber Astolfo is more common than their Rider class version due to always being available in 15-paid Quartz banners at New Year and Anniversary dates, these are the only options for free-to-play players

Learning with Manga! Collab Prerelease Campaign Pickup Summon [Late-April 2024]

Fate/Grand Order: How to Get Astolfo
Image via Gamepress

Yes, Saber Astolfo will be on Rate-Up alongside the Rider version in the build-up to the late-April Learning With Manga collaboration event. They will likely be on Rate-Up on the same days as their Rider version, making this banner a paradise for Astolfo fans

New Year’s 2025 Pickup Summon [January 1, 2025]

Fate/Grand Order: How to Get Astolfo
Image via Gamepress

If you fail to get Astolfo during the Learning with Manga collaboration banners, your next chance to get them will occur on New Year’s Day in 2025. While a majority of players will be pulling this banner for the New Year’s servant Kotomine Kirei, there will be a select few days where Saber Astolfo is on Rate-Up as well!

And that’s all you need to know about how to get Astolfo in Fate/Grand Order. Check out other interesting Fate/Grand Order guides and articles:

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